Xi Mengyao and Mario Ho Happily Engaged Even After Proposal Plans Leaked

Xi Mengyao and Mario Ho
The net was abuzz on Monday with news that Mario Ho, son of casino tycoon Stanley Ho, was planning to propose to his supermodel girlfriend Xi Mengyao at the Shanghai Shangjia Center on May 13. It seemed that someone may have let slip about the big surprise. 

Xi Mengyao and Mario Ho
Faced with the leakage, the 24-year old Mario Ho had no choice but to confirm that he was indeed planning to propose to his girlfriend Xi Mengyao who just turned 30 this year.  Some people have voiced that it was too bad that he couldn't surprise Xi Mengyao anymore with the whole world knowing about it already.  Mario said that in order to maintain some sense of surprise, he confiscated Xi Mengyao's cellphone the night before.  Otherwise, the big proposal that he's been planning for a month would've been ruined.  

Xi Mengyao and Mario Ho
It looks like everything fell into place in his elaborate proposal as Mario Ho got down on one knee to pop the question in the presence of friends, family along with the media. She said yes! At the venue, there were large posters and LCD screens of Mario Ho and Xi Mengyao being sweet with each other.  There were also around 100,000 roses that were arranged specifically for the event.  This is the second news to come from the gambling mogul family as Mario's sister Laurinda Ho was recently revealed to be dating actor Shawn Dou

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