Wallace Huo's Cool Response About His Dad Bod

The Great Craftsman Zhu Meng Qing Yuan Wallace Huo
Wallace Huo, who's been lying low for quite sometime after playing Emperor Qianlong in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, shocked fans when he was recently spotted at the airport packing on a few extra pounds from when they last saw him. Photographs show the actor wearing an olive green top paired with ripped jeans and a black hoodie, with just a hint of a wee rounded belly. 

Wallce Huo 2015 2019 happy camp
Fans have also been pointing out his rounder face when he made an appearance in Happy Camp to promote The Great Craftsman versus the one on the left when he promoted Journey of Flower a few years ago. 

Personally, I don't see what the fuss is all about. It's not as if the weight gain was overly transformative. Seeing as he's just put to bed another project, and with The Great Craftsman airing tonight incidentally, methinks he's definitely entitled to some down time with his wife Ruby Lin and new toddler without having to worry about diets and his weight. After all, it's a manifestation of a happy and stable home life.

The Great Craftsman Zhu Meng Qing Yuan Wallace Huo Yang Mi
At a press con held yesterday, reporters also touched on his weight gain, first asking his The Great Craftsman costar Yang Mi if Wallace Huo appears to be a bit "fat". The actor did not hesitate to pick up the mic and cool as a cucumber said that the question should have been addressed to him. He goes on to laughingly confirm that he is indeed heavier - when he was filming projects he had to control his weight. Now that he's wrapped up shooting, he doesn't have to go on a diet to control his weight anymore. Adding that it's a "normal thing", really.

And boy, fans have been lapping up this "chill" side of Wallace, saying that he's very cool, handsome and not fat at all! That being happy and healthy is the most important thing. 

Well said guys. Let's cut him some slack and let him enjoy his time off without making a huge brouhaha out of him gaining a few pounds, alright? Like he said, it's a normal thing!

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  1. All i can say is to be teased about looking 'fat' is not very nice even worse if you're a celebrity but the way i see it, when it comes for them to lose the extra pounds, it just takes them like days but for someone like me, maybe in a year!!

  2. How rude and obnoxious to ask or say something about someone’s weight! The Chinese media needs to learn some etiquette.

  3. Honestly, if he's fat, then the rest of the world is obese. Seriously, C-Netizen needs to take a leaflet out of Wallace's book and take a chill pill. Or even better - get a life! It is astounding how obsessed some people are about weight and their looks.

  4. I find the obsession about weight in the East really annoying and rude. I get that when I travel back to visit. Everyone is so keen to teach you how to lose weight! I am just happy at mine, I was a size 6-08 and now a size 10. As long as I am healthy and my GP is not worried. That is all that matters.
    I have told those who are rude, even the slim,skinny gets sick.... So dont judge someone base on their weight.

  5. I honestly think Wallace was way too thin before. I'm glad he is looking healthier now.