Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ji Won Get a Tribal Makeover for Arthadal Chronicles

Arthadal Chronicles Song Joong Ki
So sorry for bombarding you yet again with another article on Arthadal Chronicles but the new teasers are just too juicy not to share! The network is probably attempting to hype up the anticipation for the June 1 release of the pilot episode hence the photo dump, and *lol* here I am just as susceptible to it and any glimpses of Song Joong Ki really. I mean, come on, the guy's buffed up and changed his look from clean cut to scruffy which, I'm sure surprised many.

Arthadal Chronicles Song Joong Ki
Also, we finally get a good look at Jang Dong Gun's character Tagon, the nemesis of Song Joong Ki's character Eun Seom. The usually handsome and charismatic star looks totally intimidating and fierce in the stills with his flowing black locks, furry cape and stoic face. Although truth be told, I can totally see him as the controlled and quietly dangerous Tagon.

Arthadal Chronicles Jang Dong Gun
What are you thoughts about the new stills? Personally, I find that the series might have gone a wee bit OTT (over the top) on the tribal concept of the story with all the leather and linen clothes, the feathery bits on the hair, braids and flower crowns, not to mention the painted faces. Did anybody get King Arthur-y (yes the one with Clive Owen in it) vibes from the face paint and leather costumes? But what do I know, I'm not a historian or any kind of expert but I guess the visuals served up by the drama will certainly look interesting enough to catch the eye of viewers. 

Arthadal Chronicles Kim Ji Won
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