Something's Cooking in Cupid's Kitchen Starring Ethan Ruan and Lareina Song

Cupid's Kitchen cdrama Ethan Ruan Lareina Song
The cast of Cupid's Kitchen (previously entitled Cooking Tasting Loving) 舌尖上的心跳 have gathered together to begin "cooking up a feast" with the boot ceremony held today. The culinary world is no stranger to scandals and drama so it's really just a matter of time for another drama production to be based off of it. 
Cupid's Kitchen cdrama
Cupid's Kitchen is the perfect opportunity to allow audiences a behind the scenes look behind the kitchen door -and hopefully no screaming chefs a la Hell's Kitchen too! But yeah, everyone loves a cooking show don't they.

Cupid's Kitchen cooking drama Ethan Ruan
Based on a novel by Jiao Tang Dong Gua 焦糖冬Cupid's Kitchen is about a master chef mentoring a newbie cook to help prepare for a culinary competition. Ethan Ruan who you might remember from last year's Legend of Fuyao opposite actress Yang Mi, has been tapped to play the chef, and Lareina Song his younger apprentice. To add a little spice to the recipe, actor Liu Dongqin plays a young man that Lareina Song has a crush on. Pardon the pun, does anyone else smell a love triangle simmering?

Cupid's Kitchen cooking drama Lareina Song

Cupid's Kitchen cooking drama Liu Dongqin
Cupid's Kitchen cooking drama boot ceremony
When I first read that Ethan Ruan was in the drama, I couldn't help think about his spoiled and very temperamental Cun Xi in Fated to Love You! In the novel, the male lead is a blind chef with heightened senses and if the script calls for the cliched temperamental attitude, Ethan's definitely the man for the job! *lol* Kidding aside, looking forward to see how this drama pans out. Also in the cast are Wang Ruizi, Xu Jiawen, Wang Zhuocheng and Liu Anqi

Cupid's Kitchen cooking drama

Cupid's Kitchen cooking drama

Cupid's Kitchen cooking drama

Cupid's Kitchen cooking drama
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  1. Read the novel before, it's called heartbeat at the tip of the tongue I think. It's really good! Never expected a drama adaptation tho! Can't wait for it!