Singer Christine Fan Denies That She Pretended To Be From Harvard

Christine Fan Harvard Extension School
Being a celebrity isn't easy.  Their whole life tends to be put under a microscope by the world, even more so now with in the age of internet where you can find almost anything online. Singer Christine Fan who is happily married to Blackie Chen since 2011 has often shared family photos with their two boys online. However, the Taiwanese-American singer recently had to take to social media to set things straight after being accused of lying about her educational background. Known throughout her career for being not only talented but also smart, she was accused of pretending to be a Harvard University graduate.  

Christine Fan Blackie Chen two boys
She tells everyone that she has studied in Harvard Extension School, as well as Pomona College, Scripps and UMass Amherst.  The accusations that she lied about her schooling has made Christine sad, and while she chose not to make a big deal out of it, she says that she doesn't deserve to be judged by bitter people.  

Christine thanked the people who showed much interest in her education.  She added that she understands being a public figure attracts a lot of attention and would generally follow other people's sincere advice.  She concluded her explanation by saying that she would focus on her career, working hard for the people who love her and her music.  

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  1. She did claim to have graduated from Harvard, with no mention of the extension school until she was outed. She clearly meant to deceive. Obviously it's not thaaaaaat big of a deal, but she deserved the mockery.

  2. But she did lie about it though, she had been name dropping Harvard for years without ever clarifying about the extension school part. This just goes to show that your past lies does eventually catch up with you.

  3. Her english is very poor. I would be ashamed to claim that I graduated from Harvard with her English skill-level.