Shawn Dou Finds Himself on Tepid Waters

In a recent interview for Ruxi, Shawn Dou Xiao talks about his career and how it's "warm but not hot".

The actor first gained recognition when he bagged the lead role in the 2010 Zhang Yimou film Under the Hawthorn Tree, which was his big screen debut. At that time, Dou Xiao was still studying acting at the Beijing Film Academy as an undergraduate. Since then he goes on to work in different film genres, one of which, Youth Dinner, won him an award at the 11th Festival Du Cinema Chinois De Paris. Dou then breaks into mainstream media playing the vengeful Yan Xun in Princess Agents.

tribes and empires princess agents
After the huge support received by Princess Agents from viewers, Dou followed up the momentum of his burgeoning success with another role in the epic hero Novoland series Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy, which gained a lot of love initially among local and overseas viewers but ultimately tanked because of the unsatisfying ending, overly draggyness of the story and the convoluted subplots.

from survivor to healer tribes and empires: storm of prophecy
The actor has been steadily adding more and more leading roles under his belt, although I'm sure you'll be most curious as to when we'll actually be seeing the dramas he's been hard at work on. Indeed, the Princess Agents actor confirmed in his interview that out of the projects he's been busily filming, six have unfortunately not yet seen the light of day. He sheepishly added that a couple should've aired last year, but none have made it to the screens of viewers yet. Which is why, his career is quite tepid as of the moment - warm, because he has been consistently working on projects after all; but not hot, because none have aired to follow up his previous successes, so at best, tepid.

shawn dou from survivor to healer
Many of you were captivated by Dou Xiao's portrayal of Yan Xun in Princess Agents. But since 2018, we haven't seen any of his dramas until From Survivor To Healer started airing last month! The actor is hopeful though that much of his body of work which include the dramas Ten Years Late, See You Again and Tears in Heaven will finally be dusted off the shelves. He also has two movies Sky High and Legend of Sun and Moon slated for 2019. 

Off topic as I've been looking at the video interview of Dou Xiao while writing this, is it just me or does anyone think he looks a wee bit like 2PM singer Taecyeon? Anyone? Anyone? Oh well just a thought. But please, do make sure to give the actor a very warm welcome back into the small screen by checking out his works when they finally air, yeah?

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  1. What about princess agent s2 he didn't said anything abot that we are willingly waiting for season 2. please give us some hint regarding s2

    1. S1 was terrible enough that he probably did not even want to think of S2. The only reason why he was well known was because he did PA, and PA was not even good. Story, graphic, Choreography were the poorest.
      The only thing PA has was ZLY being female lead. The downside of his career is he depended on riding off another idol's fame. ZLY really helped both him and LGX gained lots of traffic when the drama is not even serious. Some people even fall out of liking LGX bc of his personality but came back to give him attention just bc of PA.

      Once after PA was done, LGX and Shawn no longer trend anymore. Anybody who worked with her would trend for a short lived period of time only.

      I agree Tribes and Emperor is boring but the Story of Minglan is no difference. They are as boring as each other.
      T&E have better graphics IMO, that's it. The results are not the same because Shaw's trending isn't great without ZLY, he cannot draw the same effect by himself.

  2. And news of him dating Gambling Princess emerge now. Interesting timing and a good way to get him trending. Kudos to his PR machine.