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princess silver
Princess Silver 白发 is a 58-episode drama adapted from Mo Yanshang's novel titled The White-Haired Imperial Concubine.  Sophie Zhang Xueying and Aarif Rahman lead the cast of Jing Chao, Leo Luo Yunxi, Maggie Chen Xinyu, Shu Yaxin, Wang Yu, Xu Ke and Tian Hairong.  

Princess Silver is about Rong Le (Sophie Zhang), a princess who wakes up from a coma without any memory of who she is or what happened before.  To forge an alliance with the Northern kingdom, she is ordered to marry Wu You (Aarif Rahman), the North's prince.  Wu You refuses to marry her and Rong Le opens a tea house instead.  She later goes on a quest to find the Qin family's missing sacred book and meets Wu You.  They fall in love without knowing each other's true identity. After finding the tome, however, she is forced to marry a Fu Chou, a Northern general.  Rong Le finds out she is a daughter of the Qin family.  Will she find herself again or will she move on to forge a new life?

Tragic love stories seem to be the trend recently. In the novel, Rong Le is used as a pawn and forced to endure the insufferable and lives to tell the tale. Changes from the novel are usually a given, but if the drama adaptation proves faithful to the source even in spirit, Princess Silver looks to be another series that will bring tears to our eyes just like Goodbye My Princess did, if not more so.  It has the princess meeting a prince and being caught in the politics. From the looks of it, plenty more male characters serve to complicate the romance. 

Release Date:  May 15, 2019 iQIYI, Tencent Youku

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  1. I like this drama. It is definitely better than "Listening Snow Tower." I thought Listening Tower would capture my attention, but the main lead actor and actress are not capturing my attention and I find the script and story line boring.
    It is good that there is Silver Princess and the only actor in this drama that I have heard of was the "brother." The main actress in Silver Princess can act, the main lead is overshadowed by her "brother" though. I guess the main second lead has not come in yet based on the poster?

    1. Oh well. So far so good. That "brother" is a quite a sight. Will he overshadow the main lead? Hard to say. May be in comments section on You Tube, you know. To whom ppl discussing more. But as far as drama goes now it is capturing audience, for sure.