Love and Destiny introduces cast joining Chang Chen and Ni Ni

Chang Chen Love and Destiny xianxia
Chang Chen as Jiu Chen
After being kept under wraps through filming last year, Love and Destiny 三生三世宸汐缘 has been ramping up promotions with a new trailer and a set of posters to introduce its ensemble cast. Chang Chen and Ni Ni headline as God of War Jiu Chen and Ling Xi. The overarching theme seems to highlight the dilemma between duty and love with Jiu Chen standing as the guardian of the realm and Ling Xi seemingly fated to doom humanity. 

 Love and Destiny xianxia Ni Ni
Ni Ni as Ling Xi
The plot reminds me a bit of Legend of Fuyao with a heroine that's somehow destined to cause destruction while the visuals definitely scream Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach BlossomsThis can easily be an equally beautiful drama with the same creative team at the helm, but it has also left me wanting for being too reminiscent of Ten Miles with none of the familiar faces. 

There's no question about Chang Chen's acting skills as a serious actor but seeing his poster, I'm not quite sure that he fits the dreamy concept. Also in the cast are Li Dongxue, Zhang Zhixi, Li Jiaming, Karina Hai Ling, Liu Qianhan, Zhang Haiyu, Na Guangzi and Yuan Hao. What do you think? 

 Love and Destiny xianxia Li Dongxue
Li Dongxue as Jing Xiu

 Love and Destiny xianxia Zhang Zhixi
Zhang Zhixi as Qing Yao

 Love and Destiny xianxia Li Jiaming
Li Jiaming as Yun Feng

 Love and Destiny xianxia Karina Hai Ling
Karina Hai Ling as Yuan Tong

 Love and Destiny xianxia Liu Qianhan
Liu Qianhan as Ling Yue

 Love and Destiny xianxia
Zhang Haiyu as Si Ming

 Love and Destiny xianxia
Na Guangzi as Shi San

 Love and Destiny xianxia
Yuan Hao as Cheng Yan
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  1. I'm not a fan of Xian xia at all, TMOPB was the only better one with a better storyline.
    Glad to see Ni Ni although the main guy looks...old, he matches to play some type of villiany roles but he's the main guy here, that's going to be something new. I hope it will be refreshing and not a failure

  2. I just hope the storyline is good. Without a novel to based the story on, the screenwriter has to be skilled enough to come up with an engaging story. Just merely relying on TMPOB's success is not enough.

  3. TJOF and FY, where the girl is a randomly "chosen one" to cause destruction...that type of storyline is just ridiculous and cheap they gotta come up with something new.

    Graphics and music looks great on the trialer though

  4. The CGI in the trailer looks really bad.

  5. This looks like a more serious TMOPB, Gonna give it a try when it comes out

  6. Is YM the producer of this drama too? Everything looks reused, the long straight hair or wigs, clothes, CGI backdrop, place, etc.

  7. I agree that Chang Chen doesn't have that dreamy look to him, but I can see him being a God of War. Maybe that's why he was chosen for the role? Who knows, I'm going into this with a pretty open mind.

  8. So is this the background story of the Phoenix, whitehair dude , basically the older generation of Yang mi and Mark Chao's story?