Lin Gengxin returns to dramas with a suspense romance opposite Ge Yuexi

Lin Gengxin modern romance drama
Can you believe that it's been almost two years since Lin Gengxin last appeared on our TV screens? The actor who has not done another drama since filming Princess Agents in 2016 has finally signed on for his next project. Love and Lost 最初的相遇, 最后的别离 held its filming ceremony on May 16 in Dali, Yunnan attended by its three main leads Lin GengxinGe Yuexi and Du Chun

Lin Gengxin modern cop drama
It is a suspense romance that follows a former cop who goes undercover to complete his mission and finds love along the way. Going undercover is a tough enough job, what more when there's a love triangle and a death to be accounted for. Also in the cast are Li Kunlin, Liu Mingming, Lin Cheng and Li Qing

Lin Gengxin Ge Yuexi
I haven't seen much of Ge Yuexi aside from knowing that she was one of the ladies in Zheng Shuang's circle of friends in Youth Fight, so this ought to be be something new from her.  

Lin Gengxin romance suspense boot ceremony 2019
This will also be a first for Lin Gengxin whose body of work consists mainly of historical dramas. With sought after actors headlining cop dramas like A Journey To Meet Love to The Thunder, it seems to be a good change of pace. The drama is expected to be released early next year. 

Lin Gengxin romance suspense
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  1. ¿Adiós a Princesas Agentes 2?, de cualquier forma será un placer ver de nuevo a Lin Genxin, excelente actor, en verdad me alegra volver a verlo trabajar

  2. She looks gorgeous