Jackie Chan with The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Cast Led By Darren Chen

It's official. The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty 成化十四年 which is based on the novel by Meng Xishi has introduced its cast starring Darren Chen (Meteor Gardenas a sixth ranking official and Fu Meng-po (Love's Lies) as a member of the Jinyiwei as they work hand in hand in the crime-solving drama.  

The man behind the series is none other than Jackie ChanThis is his first time to produce a web drama.  Jackie Chan talks about how he has wanted to make a youthful and fun story since he himself has plenty of experience in action and comedy.  Jackie also notes that the casting choices are very good. They are working very hard to make the production a success which made Jackie Chan feel a bit nervous since he had to give his best as well. 

As a renowned martial artists, actor, filmmaker and stuntman among others, Jackie Chan mentions that the action choreography in the show is going to be more realistic, especially in close quarters so he has been actively giving instructions to the actors with regards to the fight scenes. 

While he admits that he is nervous about how things will turn out, Jackie places his trust in the young cast and the chance to surprise everyone with their hard work and dedication. Also in the cast are Liu Yaoyuan (New Dragon Gate Inn)Wang Maolei (Story of Yanxi Palace), Cai Heng (When A Snail Falls In Love) and Mao Yi (Feng Niao). 

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Chinese mystery drama

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Chinese mystery drama Darren Chen

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Chinese mystery drama Fu Mengpo

The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty Chinese mystery drama
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  1. This looks good, definitely looking forward to see Jackie's touch on crime-solving comedy.

  2. All boys? No girls?

  3. I cannot wait to see Darren Chen in another project. He was captivating in Meteor Garden!