It's a Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho Tandem in Kim Eun Sook's New Drama

Lee Min Ho Kim Go Eun
So, the coveted role of Lee Min Ho's leading lady for his new drama The King: The Eternal Monarch has finally been announced, and all eyes will be on *drum roll please* .. actress Kim Go Eun as she steps into the shoes of The King's female lead role. I say, girl's been quite lucky in the leading man stakes isn't she - starring opposite two of k-drama's swoon worthy leading men, Gong Yoo in Goblin and then Lee Min Ho in The King.

Kim Go Eun will be playing dual (opposite) roles in this drama to match the parallel universes of the Republic of Korea and Empire of Korea in which the story is set in. The role will differ much much greatly from her "damsel in distress" character in Goblin, as she will be playing a detective in the Republic of Korea universe and a criminal in the Empire of Korea counterpart - a welcome change as I didn't quite enjoy her "soft" Eun-Tak in Goblin overly much although I'm sure the script played a big factor. 

Whatever the case, given that it's a Kim Eun Sook drama, this will surely be a "star maker/breaker" sort of show with guaranteed exposure for its cast. If Kim Go Eun rises to the challenge, The King: The Eternal Monarch will surely put her name on the map.

The King: The Eternal Monarch is set to air in the early part of next year.

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  1. Kim Go Eun will definitely rise up to the challenge!! Her acting is no joke. I loved her work since "Coin Locker Girl" and then "Memories of the Sword".