Historical Drama Actors in the First Half of 2019

Princess Silver actor Luo Yunxi
No words, just photos.

Listening Snow Tower actor Qin Junjie
The Legend of White Snake actor Alan Yu
The Investiture of the Gods actor Deng Lun
The Investiture of the Gods actor Luo Jin
Queen Dugu actor Chen Xiao
Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber actor Joseph Zeng
The Legends actor Xu Kai

Goodbye My Princess actor Chen Xingxu
The Legend of Haolan Nie Yuan and Mao Zijun
I Will Never Let You Go actor Zhang Binbin
The Story of Minglan actor Feng Shaofeng

The Story of Minglan actor Zhu Yilong


  1. Lol..ok Anne, thanks for the 'eye candies' and truly, words aren't necessary here.

  2. Is it Deng Lun, the purple one? Lol. He looks 'pretty'.

    The last pic, oh.. I want to watch goodbye my princess again lols.

    And snow tower is my current favorite ancient drama nowadays.

  3. Who is the first one?