Court Rules That The Princess Weiyoung Novel Author Plagiarised Other Works

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The Princess Weiyoung 锦绣未央 drama series starring Tiffany Tang and Luo Jin may have ended three years ago in 2016, but the saga continues. Today, the Chaoyang District People's Court has declared Zhou Jing (she goes by the pen name Qin Jian), author of The Princess Weiyoung from whence the drama was based on, guilty of infringing the works of another author. 
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Many of you may or may not recall the plagiarism controversy that hounded the author and that she was sued by several online writers for copying their works a few years ago. In fact, aside from today's landmark case ruling, there are 11 more cases pending as several authors came together to press lawsuits accusing Zhou of plagiarising more than 200 novels. Per Beijing News, volunteers discovered that when they compared TPW with the (+200) novels,  only a miniscule 9 out of the 294 chapters in the entire TPW novel are original, and the rest, copied! 


For today's ruling at least, there have been 116 sentences and two plots in the Princess Weiyoung novel which are almost identical to what has been written in the novel 身历六帝宠不衰The new court order passed down requires the defendant Zhou to compensate Shen Wenwen a total amount of 136,500 Yuan for economic loss and intellectual copyright protection within 10 days from the verdict. Moreover, she must immediately cease sales and distribution of the novel upon the day the sentence is handed down (today, May 8, 2019).

Copy cats beware. While plagiarism is not something new, perhaps authors will now think twice before doing it.

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  1. Plagiarists are absolute scum. It's the ultimate sin among writers, and with good reason. I feel for the authors whose works were stolen.

  2. lol will this happen to ten miles too,?

  3. I wonder why it takes them 3 years to sort out this thing?

    1. cause when you have money your have power and the government / laws are corrupted. You can get away with anything in China if you have money so it will take years to even get the rights to investigate.

    2. But when the laws and government are corrupted, if somebody wants to frame you for something you didn't do maybe you'll have no choice to save yourself either. If they don't like you, maybe they can probably easily cook up any fake stories about you too.

  4. Honestly i find that many C online novels to be filled with plagiarism to each other. I mean it seems that so many people write the same kind of stories,the same kind of leads on the novel. Either the male is a cold fish or a love sick fool. Either the female lead is a mary su or a strong girl with so much cheat points. Of course there are others (many actually) that dont plagiarize other works and have beautifully writen stories with interesting Leads but the one that got translated to english seem to be the ones that dont have much originality.