Charmaine Sheh Unveils Her Own Lipstick Line

Charmaine Sheh 44th birthday
It's a very happy birthday indeed for Charmaine Sheh! This year, the Hong Kong actress has more reasons to make merry - she's celebrating her 44th birthday today AND also the recent launch of her own lipstick line "Sh". 

Charmaine Sheh 44th birthday
For the launch of "Sh", Charmaine selected 12 of her favourite RED shades which were inspired while filming on the set of Story of Yanxi Palace. In order to transform into the Step Empress, the change in clothes, accessories and makeup necessary to portray a domineering yet regal queen meant that her lipstick needed to be a more vibrant shade of red. But since she couldn't find the perfect red, she had to mix her own! Et voila! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the line started. 

Charmaine Sheh
So congratulations again to Charmaine Sheh and a very happy birthday to her!

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