Ashes of Love Stars Reunite For New Wuxia Drama And The Winner is Love

Ashes of Love And The Winner Is Love Cast
It may seem like the sequel for fan favourite fantasy drama Ashes of Love. But no, actors Leo Luo Yunxi, Yukee Chen Yuqi and Zou Tingwei are actually reuniting for a new martial arts drama entitled And the Winner is Love 月上重火 which has already began filming!

And The Winner Is Love Cast
Adapted from a novel 君子以泽, the story narrates how Shangguan Tou, the master of the valley over the moon, and Zhong Xue Zhi, master of the reignited fire palace survives various dangers to protect the martial arts world and restore peace. 

And The Winner Is Love Cast Leo Luo Yunxi
Deviating from their Ashes of Love pairings, the drama stars the charismatic Luo Yunxi as Shangguan Tou, perfectly displaying his usual elegant persona exemplified in Ashes of Love and his current drama Princess Silver to a T. He's finally stepping up to the leading role.

And The Winner Is Love Cast Yukee Chen Yuqi
Yukee Chen, whose overall "look" seems to suit period films very well, costars as the beautiful Zhong Xuezhi, while the baddie in the drama is portrayed by Zou Tingwei who I must say is looking quite sleek in red and black (and not really villain-y except for the colour of his costume!) in the just released posters below. Actress Tian Yitong neatly rounds off the foursome as the daughter of Lingjian mountain's master.

And The Winner Is Love Cast Zou Tingwei

And The Winner Is Love Cast Tian Yitong
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  1. YEEESSSSS! This is the one with Leo I've been waiting for. Can't wait!

  2. Yahoo! Yunxi got a leading role! Elegance and grace!

  3. when this drop im there like fucking finally he gets the girl its always so painful to see him hurt like damn

  4. I'm on to this like there won't be a tomorrow

  5. Please let him end up with a girl this time!