Angel Wang Wins Defamation Lawsuit

Behind the scenes of Legend of Jade Sword
Back in 2016, Hawick Lau and his The Legend of Jade Sword co-star Angel Wang Ou were caught in a scandal after being accused of having an affair by the Chinese paparazzi. The actor was married to Yang Mi at the time though the two have announced their divorce last December. 

Hawick and Angel denied the rumors back then. Angel also filed a defamation suit in March 2018 that recently came to a close. She accused the defendants of spreading lies about her through an online article on Weibo with the title, "Wang Ou says that Yang Mi and Hawick Lau are divorced, confirms rumors with Hawick. They're divorced, there is no affair." 

On Feb. 15, 2019, the Beijing District Court ruled in favor of Wang Ou with a decision published on the court website this week. While Angel sought monetary compensation amounting to 353,000 yuan in damages, the court mandated that the defendant pay 5,000 yuan for emotional damages and another 5,000 yuan for reasonable expenses. Also, the defendant has to issue a public apology visible on their Weibo page for 7 days straight.  

There's a lesson to be learned here, folks.  Rumor mongering is not okay and can prove to a threat to your wallet and reputation, especially if the claims turn out to be false.

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  1. I just wonder why she did not file for a law suit against the one who spread the video of her and Hawick "reading script" in 2016. Why did She do it in 2018 and not aiming at the video's owner?

    1. Yeah I thought that was weird too. At first I assumed she filed it back when the news broke in 2016 but it just took this long for the courts to come to a decision...looks like she only filed in 2018 though. I can see why she couldn't sue for the actual video (unless the video is manipulated which doesn't seem to be the case, she can't say the video is "fake"), however she definitely could have sued everyone who wrote articles stating that she had an affair with Hawick. Seems strange that the only person she sued was the one making the claim that she "confirmed rumours" (which I assume is fake because she never *confirmed* the rumours), I feel like this does more harm than good because some people will feel this implies the affair rumours are true, it's just the part that she confirmed them is false.