The Lady Improper cut by 24 minutes without director's permission

the lady improper Charlene Choi Chris Wu
The Lady Improper 非分熟女 is a movie starring Charlene Choi and Chris Wu. It is about a woman still a virgin after four years of marriage who starts on a road to discovering her sexuality after meeting a free-spirited chef. The provocative plot gained buzz more so due to Charlene Choi's bold attempt at portraying the role. Though she did not win, it also earned her a best actress nomination at the esteemed Hong Kong Film Awards. 

With the movie released in Chinese sites Youku and Tencent starting April 14, Jessey Tsang Tsui Shan who wrote and directed the movie took to social media to decry the changes to the movie. The version being aired in China has been cut down to 66 minutes of runtime. She stresses that she did not participate in the editing process nor was she consulted about it. She is angered and pained that the story and its meaning has been distorted. As the writer and director, she only acknowledges two versions of the movie: the director's cut (108 minutes) and the theatrical cut (90 minutes). 

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  1. The movie looks interesting, but I guess it has too much sex in it for the streaming sites tastes.

  2. It seems to much sex scenes was the reason for its cut... I think it is not for family watch.. ������