Sun Li Starts Filming Chinese Version of Your Home is My Business With Luo Jin

your home is my business boot ceremony Sun Li
Sun Li returns to dramas as the star of Your Home is My Business 卖房子的人. Youhug Media has bought the rights to adapt the J-drama of the same name.

Sun Li has proven her acting skills time and again with multiple awards to prove that she is the queen of Chinese television. She hasn't appeared in a modern drama these few years as all of her recent projects were costume dramas, so it'll be refreshing to see her portray an urban character. The J-drama which centered on a female real estate agent's sharp ability to sell any house she wants had a comedic streak to it so while this fits with Sun Li's knack for strong characters, it'll be interesting if this turns out to be really funny.  

your home is my business boot ceremony Sun Li Luo Jin
Luo Jin stars as Xu Wendao, the owner of the store that needs Sun Li's saving. Luo Jin's string of dramas have given his popularity a huge boost with Investiture of the Gods being his latest series to air. With that said, it would be normal for fans and audiences to expect more from Your Home is My Business since we have two skilled actors playing off each other. 

your home is my business boot ceremony
It will be directed by An Jian with renowned screenwriter Liu Liu taking charge of the script.  Liu Liu's version is said to cater specifically to Chinese audiences. Guo TaoZhang MengWang ZijianYang HaoyuTian LeiZhang XiaoqianSun Jiayu and Wang Yizhe complete the talented cast. The boot ceremony was held on April 27, 2019.

your home is my business boot ceremony Sun Li
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