Miss S begins filming with Ma Yili, Vengo Gao and Dong Xuan

Miss S boot ceremony April 2019
With Detective L set to premiere very soon, Miss S 爱思小姐探案集 feels like it's yet another addition to the growing number of crime mysteries set in the Republican era. This one provides a familiar team up of detectives and forensic examiner in the Shanghai Bund. 

Miss S boot ceremony April 2019
I can't tell if it's an original screenplay or an unofficial adaptation, but it seems to be based on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, an Australian drama series that follows a glamorous female detective on a mission to fight crime. With the main mystery usually kept under wraps for these type of genres, I'd pick and choose my drama based on the cast and this looks to be a promising mix. 

Miss S boot ceremony April 2019
Taking the lead as the elegant and mysterious female detective is Ma Yili, star of the melodramatic The First Half of My Life. After a string of supporting roles,  Vengo Gao Weiguang follows up his leading role in The Pillow Book as the detective superintendent. 

Miss S boot ceremony April 2019
Dong Xuan who's unfortunately been making headlines solely for being Gao Yunxiang's wife heads back to acting as she plays a forensic doctor in the drama. Also in the cast are Bu Guanjin, Wu Haochen, Tien Niu, Yao Anlian, Liu Yihang, Xu Shaoying and Guo Qiucheng. Filming has begun in Hengdian World Studios. 

Miss S boot ceremony April 2019

Miss S boot ceremony April 2019
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  1. The plot sounds very intriguing but Vengo Gao as lead? Not sure about that...from what I've seen his acting is VERY mediocre (at best). Definitely my least favourite Jaywalk actor (I actually adore all the rest of the main Jaywalk actors, they are all super gorgeous/handsome with lots of charm & charisma, but I'm always bored to tears or outright cringing when Vengo is on the screen). Really hope he's improved because I do want to enjoy this drama as well as the Pillow Book.

    1. Fret not.
      As I had completed Pillow Book. I must admit, I do agree the Dijun he initially played in the first installment was pretty average and I would even say at some point he was quite emotionless. Never did I expected, I was completely blown away in his performance in Pillow book. One could see his dedication behind his analysis of Dijun character. The details he put in his "new" Dijun. Facial expression, walking posture, subtle hand movements.(There are stars in his eyes*joking^^) One could also note that Pillow book's Dijun has a more completed backstory as it focuses mainly on his love story with Fengjiu hence his true acting skills will be highlighted in his first lead role. Additionally he even plays 3 different characters in pillow book(read the novel for spoilers). He made such an impact from his detailed acting that he made it into weibo hot search ranking for his portrayer that he was named there will not be a second Dijun as he had became a classic.
      If you are still not convinced, I would also recommend you to catch Candle of the tomb:Wrath of time. Filmed 6 months earlier in the same year. He played Zhe Gushao, an extremely tragic hero. His portrayer of Zhe Gushao was so on point! Totally would not picture the elegant immortal image we had of Dijun. Zhe Gushao was a completely different feel. His acting has drastically improved in such a short amount of time. He has the potential to portray many sides, do hope that his agency will provide him with more resources to challenge in various diverse and impactful roles instead of commercial roles with typical lazy scriptwriting he had in The Interpreters.