Kim Ji Won Radiates Strength Opposite Song Joong Ki in Asadal Chronicles

kim ji won asadal chronicles
We previously wrote about actor Song Joong Ki's physical transformation for his leading role in the new tvN fantasy drama Asadal Chronicles. Well the other day, we were treated to another sneaky peek, this time with his cute costar Kim Ji won in the spotlight.  Hmmm... should we expect another installment of photos with the good looking Jang Donggun any time soon?

Anyway, the actress will be making her small screen comeback with Asadal Chronicles after a 2 year hiatus although it seems like it was just yesterday that we were seeing her adorable Aera bickering with her BFF/love interest Dongman in Fight My Way

kim ji won asadal chronicles kdrama
Asadal Chronicles tells the story of heroes during ancient times in the fictional land of Asadal, where clans and tribes fight it out to gain control of the city. Kim Ji Won plays the character of Tanya, a successor of the Wahan clan. Like Joong Ki who shed the clean cut boyish charm he's famous for in the drama, the chameleon-like actress also undergoes a transformation (although not as dramatic as Song Joong Ki) herself, deviating from the innocent fresh faced charm she showed us in her previous role.

According to the drama's writers Kim Younghyun and Park Sangyeon, "Tanya is the guardian and protector of the Wahan clan. And she's never forgotten the significance of her role from the moment she finds out that she is the leader of the clan."

kim ji won asadal chronicles
Clearly, the actress has her work cut out for her as whoever plays Tanya must be able to translate with "a great deal of authenticity" the changes Tanya goes through after encountering various societies of people - from merely being a simple girl dreaming of a little happiness within the confines of her small clan to going up against powerful adversaries to protect her loved ones.

Please look forward to seeing Kim Ji won as she shows off another side of herself in her portrayal of Tanya in Asadal Chronicles.

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