Keeping Tabs on the New Generation of Wuxia Drama Remakes

wuxia remakes
Remakes have always been part and parcel of the industry, no matter where in the world. There is that hope that a new version will perhaps be better than the old one as modern filming techniques become available.  Perhaps it is to introduce a classic story to a wider audience, which is I think is the ultimate goal of a remake. With an influx of viewers,  the show will remain alive and relevant to the new generation. Meteor Garden comes to mind.

Wuxia is arguably one of the favorite genres to remake in c-ent, and we've gathered some recent and upcoming drama adaptations of popular works that you might enjoy. Please note that remakes that haven't started filming or are still being planned are not on the list. 

Jin Yong Novels

legend of the condor heroes wuxia drama yang xuwen li yitong
The first adaptation of The Legend of the Condor Heroes was released in 1976.  The latest remake starring Yang Xuwen, Li Yitong, Chen Xingxu and Meng Ziyi aired in 2017.  

return of the condor heroes wuxia drama tong mengshi and mao xiaohui
The first adaptation of Return of the Condor Heroes was released in 1960. The upcoming remake stars Thomas Tong Mengshi and Mao Xiaohui.

heavenly sword dragon slaying saber wuxia drama 2019
The first adaptation of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber was released in 1978. The latest remake starring Joseph Zeng, Yukee Chen Yuqi and Bambi Zhu Xudan aired in 2019.  

tony yang as qiao feng
The first adaptation of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils was released in 1982. The upcoming remake stars Tony Yang, Bai Shu, Zhang Tianyang and Janice Man.  

smiling proud wanderer wuxia drama poster 2018
The first adaptation of The Smiling, Proud Wanderer was released in 1984. New Smiling Proud Wanderer starring Ding Guansen aired in 2018.   

The first adaptation of The Deer and The Cauldron was released in 1977.  Although the upcoming remake has not announced its cast, Zhang Yishan was seen at the filming location as the new Wei Xiaobao. 

Gu Long Novels

handsome siblings wuxia drama poster
The first adaptation of Juedai Shuangjiao was released in 1971. The upcoming remake titled Handsome Siblings stars Chen ZheyuanHu Yitian, Liang Jie and Liang Jingxian.

The Lost Swordship
The first adaptation of Lingering Fragrance in the Rain of Sword was released in 1978. The Lost Swordship starring Ming Ren Yankai aired in 2018. 

happy heroes gu long growing pains of swordsman
The first adaptation of Happy Heroes was released in 1988. The upcoming remake titled Growing Pains of Swordsman stars Bai Ke, Eric Yang LeSean Sun Yizhou and Lyric Lan Yingying

Ni Kuang Novels

new deadful melody cdrama benny chan
The first adaptation of Deadful Melody was released in 1965. The upcoming remake titled New Deadful Melody stars Benny Chan.

King Hu Movie

new dragon gate inn ma ke
Dragon Inn was a Taiwanese wuxia film released in 1967. The upcoming remake titled New Dragon Gate Inn stars Ma Ke, Qi Wei, Shen Mengchen, Bao Jianfeng and Daniel Chan.

Chinese Mythology

the legend of white snake cdrama alan yu ju jingyi
The earliest print of The Legend of White Snake was written during the Ming Dynasty. Its earliest adaptation to film was in 1939. The latest remake starring Alan Yu and Ju Jingyi is airing now. 

investiture of the gods cdrama wang likun
The earliest version of The Investiture of the Gods was written during the Ming Dynasty. The latest remake starring Claudia Wang Likun, Luo Jin and Deng Lun is airing now. 

How do you guys feel about all these drama remakes?


  1. The Gods is not Ming Dynasty but Shang Dynasty, the ancient kingdom.

    1. thank u.. it's a typo. written during the ming dynasty

  2. Classics are always better... That said, I'm only watching the Gods as of now while 3 of my sisters are watching the new heavenly sword...

  3. Liang Yu Sheng:
    Coming soon year 2019-2020:
    * The Chronicles of the Shadow Swordsman - producer Jiang Jiajun
    * The First Sword of Wudang.
    * The Seven Swords (movie)

    Gu Long
    *Coming soon 2019:
    The Legendary Siblings / The handsome siblings(juedai shuangjiao)
    Happy Heroes (Growing Pains)
    The Legend of Chu Liuxiang

    Jin Yong
    there are so many other than mentioned above , but no picture yet

  4. For me, it is rather hard not to be affected by scandals of any actors. There are some that turns me off and others that does not bother me.
    Thus I will not be keen to watch Handsome siblings. But Hu Yitian has his fans and readers of the book. Have one less viewer in me will not make any difference to the drama.
    I love a good classic.I sincerely hope the remakes are good.