If I Can Love You So leads top 5 dramas that broke 1% in ratings last night

if i can love you so cdrama poster
TV rankings for April 16th indicate that the top 5 dramas last night have all broken 1% in CSM55 ratings. If I Can Love You So takes the top spot after just a week of airing. It's a good start for the beleaguered show that had been shelved for years and a nice reward for Liu Shishi who is currently away from showbiz due to her pregnancyOf the five, Investiture of the Gods is the only one that doesn't air on primetime. 

1. If I Can Love You So (Hunan TV) 1.104% 
2. Pushing Hands (Zhejiang TV) 1.090% 
3. Investiture of the Gods (Hunan TV) 1.050% 
4. Pushing Hands (Jiangsu TV) 1.029%
5. In Youth (Dragon TV) 1.023%

investiture of the gods couple luo jin wang likun
pushing hands jia nailiang
in youth

Whether it's due to the issue of ratings manipulation or simply a case of dramas failing to capture people's attention compared to past hits, low ratings have become the norm that it's been a while since I last saw dramas over 1% at the same time. These shows are in barely over 1%, but it's a start. Do you think the numbers are justified? 

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  1. I watch this drama for LSS & TDW. The story doesn't flow very well so far - so unreal & ridiculous. I'm soooo dislike the brother in-law in the story. Hopefully it will get better.

  2. I feel like the ratings plausible... Seems like the top 4 dramas are so different from one another viewers just stick to whichever ones they like.