Girl Dies in a Martial Arts School Opened by Ashton Chen's Dad

ashton chen martial arts school
The last thing that any parent would expect when sending their child to school is for their child to die.  This is exactly what happened to a 6 year old girl named Deng Lin who died two days after her parents sent her to Xiaolong Martial Arts School.  The school is endorsed by Ashton Chen and his father is the principal.  

The school staff claims that Deng Lin was sick and that nobody beat her.  However, Deng Lin's parents insist that their daughter was healthy before entering the school.  

Initial reports say that Deng Lin had a physical altercation with her classmates before her death, but there is no detailed security camera footage of the incident as the school claims that several cameras in key locations have failed.  There is only one fuzzy video from some distance away, showing a group of students gathering where Deng Lin was and what appears to be a skirmish few seconds before she fell to the ground.  

ashton chen martial arts school
Ashton Chen's photo found on the school's website
This piece of news probably wouldn't have gotten the attention that it had if not for the school's association to Ashton Chen. According to his manager, the incident transpired days ago. The school alerted the police immediately and they are conducting their investigation. Ashton Chen only recently found out what happened and will be heading home to sort out matters. 

Update April 17: A joint investigation of the incident ruled out beatings and other external forces as the cause of death.  Deng Lin's family accepted the results of the investigation with no objections.  

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  1. Poor girl...Did the parents send a 6yrs to live in the school? Such a young age to be separate from her family. I feel so sad for the girl. She must be so lonely there. What a way to lose a precious life.
    For the school to say the girl was unwell sounds fishy. So they are implying the parents sent a sick child to martial arts school ? If the child is really sick, I will be surprised the school even accepts the child.
    I sincerely hope a proper investigation is conducted.

  2. Sounds like she was ganged up.

  3. i wonder if she had hocm or some other genetic heart disease. one punch can kill you