Gao Yunxiang Speaks Up For Dong Xuan, Clarifies That He Is The One Being Sued Not His Wife

gao yunxiang
Actor Gavin Gao Yunxiang has kept silent amidst the fiasco he was involved in last year after getting arrested for sexual harassment. Then, there were reports that the court has ordered to freeze Gao's assets amounting to 63.8 million yuan as a protective measure to compensate their losses for Legend of Ba Qing not being able to air. 

With the recent release of Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People's Court's decision to freeze the assets of both Gao Yunxiang and Beijing Yixuan Cultural, Co., numerous reports have dragged his wife Dong Xuan into the mess to indicate that both husband and wife are being sued by Talent Television and Film.  

gao yunxiang dong xuan
Today, Gao Yunxiang breaks his silence for the first time as he took to Weibo to clear his wife's good name.  Firstly, he expressed his deepest apologies for causing much trouble to everyone in the past year. In order to not use up any more public resources, he has refrained from speaking up. However, with the news that he saw today, he felt the need to emphasize that the one Talent Television and Film is suing is none other than himself and that there was no mention of Dong's name anywhere in the case filed against him. He says that everything arose because of him, he has been cooperating diligently and thanks everyone for their concern. He doesn't wish to see that his family and other innocent people be implicated. 

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  1. Should have thought about your wife before you even commit the crime. Now you expect others to disassociate her from you? You got to be kidding. She even believed in your lies and innocence. Poor woman.

    1. Yep poor lady, should of divorce this scumbag already.

  2. Shouldn’t it be “sexual assault” and not “sexual harassment”?