Fan Visits to the 'All is Well' House Leads to Owner's Hospitalization

all is well yao chen
Oh dear.

It looks like all is NOT well in the "Su Family Mansion" as the owner of the house has been hospitalized. Tourists who are fans of the series have been descending in hordes on the poor hapless owner of the house on all hours of the day - and we really mean ALL HOURS. Neighbours have said that visitors have been making a commotion even in the middle of the night, when they knock on the door shouting whether Su Daqiang (the Su family patriarch played by Ni Dahong in the series) is at home. If he was, well he would already be fast asleep now wouldn't he?!

all is well ni dahong

The late night visitations have caused a great disturbance in the neighborhood, what with the lateness of the hour posing a health risk for the sweet grandma that lives there. While we all understand that fans would like to see the Su Family Mansion for themselves, please, let's do so by respecting that it is also a home to a living, breathing, flesh and blood person.

Wishing grandma a speedy recovery.

All is well cdrama

All is well cdrama

All is well cdrama
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