Cute Comparisons: Put Your Head On My Shoulder and A Love So Beautiful

put your head on my shoulder a love so beautiful
Put Your Head On My Shoulder based on the novel by Zhao Qianqian has recently aired. Some elements may seem familiar to people who have seen A Love So Beautiful back in 2017 and you'd be right on the money because both stories are from the same author.  

a love so beautiful cdrama hu yitian shen yue
How else are they similar? Well, let me tell you. Both revolve mainly about the school romance of the lead male and female.  Both lead males are depicted as handsome, smart geniuses while both the lead females are cheerful and spunky. 

a love so beautiful cdrama hu yitian
Also, there's the height difference between the lead male and female that's very evident in the two shows.  Put Your Head On My Shoulder's Lin Yi is 187 cm. tall and Xing Fei is 172 cm. tall.  A Love So Beautiful's Hu Yitian is 188 cm. tall and Shen Yue is 160 cm. tall.  

a love so beautiful cdrama  shen yue
Another thing that dramas like these can't seem to avoid is how the female lead tends to crush on the male lead.  This is strikingly true for A Love So Beautiful which drew many comparisons to It Started With A Kiss.  While there's nothing wrong with that, it does seem to get repetitive at times especially if you watch a lot of campus dramas.  

put your head on my shoulder xing fei lin yi
In Put Your Head On My Shoulder, however, the female lead had a crush on another friend initially, and it's the lead male that starts expressing his interest as the reluctant roommates gradually fall for each other. Yes, it looks like the innocent school romance starts off with the cohabitation trope which ought to be interesting! 

put your head on my shoulder Lin Yi
While both dramas have their own appeal, it would stand to reason that Lin Yi's character would be sweeter as the one doing the pursuing and not the other way around. A Love So Beautiful was memorable and sweet for so many reasons, Put Your head On My Shoulder is halfway through its run, with the same formula, it might prove to be another success. 

put your head on my shoulder xing Fei
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  1. I'm liking Put Your Head On My Shoulders a whole lot more than A Love So Beautiful (though I'm a little biased as I read the novel for ALSB).

    Really recommend to anyone who liked A Love So Beautiful or those who liked the vibe but thought it was too cliché.

    This one is much lighter and a lot sweeter. The acting is also better now, still a little green but I find it quite natural. The plot is still nothing new. However, I like the simplicity and how down-to-earth it is. I also like that although the female lead is not as smart as the mald lead, she is by no means dumb like Shen Yue's character and that she isn't reliant on the male lead here. Linyi is such a cute dork who is really romantic, just super clueless on how to confess.

    I hope this drama picks up in popularity as ALSB did. Though, it's at a disadvantage because there are a LOT of youth dramas lately that were alright and I know at least three more that will air this year .

  2. I just watched all 12 episodes in one go with this new drama. I would say I prefer this drama as the female lead is not portrayed as clueless and helpless as in A love so beautiful. A love so beautiful is good drama but it resembled the ISWAK too much.

  3. Put Your Head on my Shoulder was a total surprise for me. I actually like it very much. Much more like Love so Beautiful who is more like an Itazura na Kiss story. In PYHOMS both characters are equal warm and quite grown up. So no ridiculous missunderstandings so far yet. Besides, the male actor can act better than HYT and isn't overshadowed by the second male actor.

  4. I love Put Your Head On My Shoulder because the lead are so good at portraying their characters. I can't deny the fact thay they have a good chemistry and the story is not too cliché. I already watched a lot of asian romance school genre and I must say this one is very refreshing. The female lead is not that "stupid" and very independent. The guy is not insensitive but shy & well mannered. I'm looking forward to the next episodes!

  5. Xing Fei is really 172 cm. tall? she looks so tiny next to Lin Yi that I keep thinking she is shorter.

  6. For me, Put your head on my shoulder is waaayyy better than A love so beautiful. I couldnt get past ep 2 of alsb cause i find shenyue's character too stupid, loud, annoying and super boy crazy lol and also the main leads acting is too distracting haha

  7. Definitely better than ALSB! Not your typical tsundere male lead and dumb bubbly female lead, what a refreshing combination. This SHOULD get bigger than any fluff drama out there. Light and sweet, just perfect

  8. For me, #PutYourHeadOnMyShoulder is definitely way,waaaayyy better than ALSB, I couldn't tolerate Shenyue's character in the drama and Jiang Chen kind of lacking for me too lol though I've read the novel and loved it,it's only in the drama adaptation that I had some nega views. :P In PYHOMS male and female lead hooked me into watching and become crazy over it because of their natural acting and the chemistry they have made my heart wuhu' <3 :) Aiya, they are sooo cute together :)

  9. I love PYHOMS so much. You can't help it, but keep smiling while watching this drama. The leads are so cute & the chemistry between them is beyond amazing. The story flows so naturally. It's so comfortable to watch this cute couple. The sound effects are just spot on also. I can't wait for Fridays to see the new episodes. Highly, highly recommended.

  10. Glad to hear about this show. I really enjoyed ALSB but Jiang Chen was a jerk. I was hoping for more character development with him. But nope. He didn't change. Chen Xiaoxi annoyed me towards the end because she kept pursuing him when I felt like she should have ended up with Wu Busong. Just my opinion. I'll definitely give PYHOMS a watch.

    1. My opinion ALSB is a great show. Jiang Chen was an introvert and very set in his thought of life. The writers did a great job, cause Chen Xiaoxi role was what you said. The actress did her job to annoy you!!! Appreciate what is delivered. I have not seen the other show, if u said its good, I believe you. All actors do as the directors want them to act so U get their point!! That's to you big man.