Blowing In The Wind (2019)

blowing in the wind
Bring out the box of Kleenex and be prepared to have this unique concept of a drama draw out all the angsty feels of young adults on the cusp of self discovery. Eleanor Lee and Xing Zhaolin star in Blowing in the Wind 强风吹拂, a 28 episode series about love and redemption, of growth and letting go, in what appears to be China's first idol drama about mountaineering. Joining them are Thai actor Chanon SantinatornkulGuo WeijieRen Bin and Xiang Hao

The series follows the coming of age story of two young people who share a common love for mountain climbing - freshman Li Feng played by actress Eleanor Lee, who incidentally is almost unrecognizable after lobbing off her long locks into a pixie cut, and Xia Di, actor Xing Zhaolin's character in the drama. Li Feng and Xia Di come to realise that aside from their shared love of mountaineering, both of them have similar hopes and dreams and are in fact, tied together by a mountaineering accident that occurred five years ago.

Release Date: June 6, 2019 Youku

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blowing in the wind cdrama Xing Zhaolin

blowing in the wind cdrama Eleanor Lee

blowing in the wind cdrama

blowing in the wind cdrama

blowing in the wind cdrama

blowing in the wind cdrama
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