Zhao Liying partners with Hesong Entertainment which has Li Bingbing as one of its founders

Zhao Liying Hesong Entertainment
It looks like big things are definitely in store for Zhao Liying. As everyone awaits her baby news to drop with more than a few fake outs in recent days, she surprises with completely different news. After parting ways with her manager Huang Bin last October, it was just announced that she has entered into a full strategic partnership with Hesong Entertainment which will manage all aspects of her career, her brand, endorsements and other activities. 

Hesong Entertainment Li Xue Li Bingbing sisters
Hesong Entertainment is officially on weibo as of today. It is co-founded by Li Bingbing, her younger sister and manager Li Xue, Tang Xuewei, Zhang Tianlong and Weichi Fuhang. Aside from Li Bingbing, Zhao Liying is the first artist to partner up with their talent agency. If anyone wondered whether she would quit showbiz after giving birth, it seems we can rest assured that she won't. 

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  1. Great news, congrats to Yingbao..and as for the baby news, since everyone is speculating, i think it's gonna be a May baby..just my observation from her actions since she finished all her endorsements and fanmeet in July/August of last year.

  2. Hope she won't become the next Yang Mi. According to all the Yang Mi haters, their standards are she need to stay home and babysit as a mother. People are saying she's the worst mother ever, she cannot play dramas where she have a kid and act as a good mother because people will make comparisons to her in real life.

    Zhao Liying just gave birth and her child would need her for at least 3-4 years before she can come back to do dramas. And I don't think FSF is allow to ditch her alone, so we probably won't be seeing those two for a while for good.

  3. Is Li BingBing her biological sister ? or just a close friend