Yang Mi Wins Defamation Lawsuit From Last Year's Fake Donation Controversy

When Yang Mi played a blind woman in the movie The Witness in 2015, she had promised to donate equipment for visually impaired people.  The donation wasn't completed at the time and the incident blew up in 2018 when Yang Mi was accusing of merely pretending to make charitable donations with no follow through. 

Yang Mi apologized while explaining that she delegated Li Meng, an associate, to take charge of the whole thing and that she didn't know that the planned donation didn't push through. Li Meng had since accused Yang Mi of making him into a fall guy and filed a defamation lawsuit against her in an effort to clear his name.   

Recently, the Beijing District Court has dropped the charges levelled against Yang Mi, citing that the actress did not infringe on the reputation of Li Meng.  The decision explains that the defendant Yang Mi has apologized for the negligence and fulfilled her promised donation. Her statement as the defendant was judged to be truthful and did not contain insulting rhetoric. Therefore, the court does not support the plaintiff's defamation case against Yang Mi.

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