Yang Chaoyue 1st in TC Candler's Most Beautiful Faces in China, 3rd in Asia

yang chaoyue
TC Candler has revealed their 2018 list of Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces in Asia Pacific and Top 100 Most Beautiful Faces in China. It is their first time to compile the face selection for the regions. Yang Chaoyue's skyrocketing popularity since joining Produce 101 China has earned her the title of China's most beautiful face in 2018. She comes in third in Asia after Lalisa Manoban and Satomi Ishihara 

3:  Yang Chao Yue - China

2:  Satomi Ishihara - Japan

1:  Lalisa Manoban - Thailand

Without further ado, let's take a look at some of the other celebrities who made the cut. Tzuyu (4th) joins fellow k-pop idol Lisa in the top 5. Also in the list are Uyghur-ethnic beauties Dilraba Dilmurat (6th) and Gulnezer Bextiyar (9th), models Liu Wen (14th) and Ming Xi (15th) and Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Gloria Tang (30th)

We have more ladies from Idol Producer and Produce 101 such as Meng Meiqi (34th), Pinky (48th)Wu Xuanyi (58th) and Cheng Xiao (74th). Some of the post-80's actresses are Zanilia Zhao (12th), Yang Mi (22nd), Crystal Liu (24th), Angelababy (26th), Tiffany Tang (42nd) and Victoria Song (46th). Post-90's actress include Yang Zi (36th), Zheng Shuang (37th) and Zhou Dongyu (75th). Last but not the least, Meteor Garden star Shen Yue (88th) is also among the top 100. 

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  1. Why did Angelababy made the list, but not Liu Shi Shi? It doesn't make sense.

    1. This is a list where idol fans go and vote for their faves. The more active and jobless fandom, the more votes. Hence you will rarely see classic beauties and highly regarded actresses because they tend to be more low profile and instead they're box office magnets or critics favorites. Idols have fandom that care about these polls.

    2. I see. Thanks!

  2. Yang Chao Yue has nice features, but she is not "cute". Some people may look pretty, but they are not attractive. Do you know what mean?

  3. The topper ones look like plastic doll beauties.

  4. As someone who knows the selection procedures,I need to clarify that although the process did include a vote by the fans, it was by no means the only factor that was taken into consideration by the committee.In fact the fans vote only contributed to a very limited part of the selection. Comments from reporters and people from media were what was valued the most. Yang Chaoyue came to the top not because her fans vote for her arbitrarily, but because there are many professional people objectively think that she is beautiful. Since Yang Chaoyue's debut there have always been people questioning her singing and dancing ability, but this should not be the reason for anyone to say that she is not beautiful.

  5. Am I the only one to find Chaoyue not as pretty as others? She's definitely not ugly but is she a beauty? Imo not really. There are much prettier ones than her imo so I never got why people where so crazy about her looks. There are those at lower ranks that I find much better :/
    That aside I'm quite happy that Chaoyue is gaining popularity, she worked very hard in pd 101

    1. That is true but it's not surprising, even if they don't choose her as #1, all the top 20s look like plastic girls too anyways. They all look pretty, but they don't look natural.

    2. I think I don't need to repeat that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. While for the celebrities themselves it might mean something, for people like me who have no stake on it I'm just happy the people I find beautiful, others do too. It proves that my eyesight is still good :P

      I approve that the Asia list have:
      1. Jung Eun Ji, love all her dramas. Unfortunately I don't listen to pop.
      2. Gianna Jun, because she kicks ass and speaks her mind, my kind of girl.
      3. older ladies, ooh yeah.

    3. In today's age, that famous sentence comes in 2 ways now:

      "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"
      "Plastic beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"

      The plastic thing is getting really really invasive. It's getting way out of hands now. You know when you watch anime and all the girls and guys look the same except you can tell the difference by their hairstyle and hair color? That's how things are like now in Chinese shows. Everybody look like they freagen have the same faces!

      It's not like any of these ladies are ugly, they're all super super pretty but how do you even judge who is prettier than who when they look so similar?

      They are not like the 90's natural HK beauties such as Chingmy Yau, Maggie Cheung, Sharla Cheung, Joey Wong, etc who are all very very very pretty. I can't say one of them is uglier than the other because they're all so adorable. But the special thing about them is anybody can tell the differences between all those beauties, you can tell who is who. Their face features are very unique to themselves!
      About the (plastic) beauties today, they just look like barbie #1, barbie #2, barbie #3, and so on. All beautiful, but no one among them is "special"

    4. I think the word you're looking for is unique. 'Special' still have subjective connotations attached to it, while unique is objective. Every 'beauty contest' will result in these discussions which goes nowhere and results in nothing.

      The people on the list are surely special, but as to who topped the list will never satisfy everyone because of the nature of it. Being 'genuine' might be something important to you and I, but others does not necessarily care. I ONLY buy real plants to put on my desk, some others ONLY buy plastic plants. Women might jeer at other women with chest implants, but most men don't care (I am curious to feel one up :P).

      The TC Candler requires people to enter submissions to the list so it also depends on the knowledge/awareness of various people supporting the celebrity, so while it's independent it is dependent on the 'popularity' of the celebrity.

      While we have barbie#1, barbie#2, etc., it's the choice they make. They should also be aware that if they all look the same, it's hard to have a unique point to sell other than accepting less money (the same thing generally applies when you look for jobs), those who last in the industry are generally not those who look the same as everybody else but if they do, well good on them. I imagine it can't have been easy or they're just really lucky.

  6. @anon5.c - Chigmy Yau was rumored to have had plastic surgery. I would say that the TVB HK from the 70‘s to 80‘s all had a uniqueness to them that made them stand out. The current crop does look like they are all made from the same mold. However, remember that the old HK actors/actress also work hard at setting themselves apart and different. Nowadays, to he mainstream Chinese, everyone looks the same or there are so many now that they are not working harder to diffrentiate themselves.

  7. The top 3 arent even the prettiest in their respective countries LOL

  8. Just remember, this is fans voting result, they are not voted because of natural beauty, but, even plastic faces are included.