Wu Chun takes a family picture with the members of Keep Running Season 7

Wu Chun Keep Running cast
At 1 in the morning, Wu Chun shared a photo right after guesting for an episode of Keep Running complete with old timers Li Chen, Angelababy, Ryan Zheng Kai and new members Zhu Yawen, Alan Wang Yanlin, Lucas Wong and Song Yuqi. He says that he's finally come on the show after having made an appointment for many years. 

Wu Chun with Keep Running cast
Ever since the huge shakeup that saw the departure of Deng ChaoLuhanChen He and Wang Cho-lam, there have been many behind-the-scenes of the new series regulars as they film episodes for season 7. 

Just like Running Man Korea, the Chinese version Running Man really ran with the concept of family. It's impossible to say goodbye to the old without feeling sad, and reality really sinks in with the new faces. It seems that the responsibility of running the show may be falling on the shoulders of Li Chen. I can't quite picture it yet, but I do hope for more fun times with the cast. 

Keep Running cast new members

Keep Running cast new members Alan Wang Yanlin

Keep Running cast new members Lucas Wong Song Yuqi

Keep Running cast new members Ryan Zheng Kai

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