Woman who accused Hu Yitian in last year's scandal takes back her statements

Hu Yitian
Today feels like a very unusual day for c-ent with the controversies from last year suddenly coming to a resolution all at once. Following his rise to fame in A Love So BeautifulHu Yitian found himself in the center of a scandal in 2018 after a leaked CCTV footage of him allegedly meeting a woman in her hotel room. 

A woman named Bei Yebei who claimed to be the person in the video came forward later on and meted accusations against Hu Yitian. She also leaked an audio where a man can be heard dissing his co-star (presumably Shen Yue) for not being beautiful. It has been almost a year since then, but the woman has brought up the issue once more, this time in support of Hu Yitian. 

Hu Yitian Bei Yebei
On March 21, 2019, Bei Yebei used her old weibo handle Yinhe Beibei (银河邶邶) to retract her statements against Hu Yitian. She starts by writing that she did not receive any money and also shares that she will no longer be using weibo. 

With regards to Hu Yitian, she said that he never said anything bad about another artist and never said that his fans were annoying. He also didn't deceive her feelings. She let the media take things out of context and admits that he's actually a good guy. She says that she didn't realize how persistent people on the internet can be and she's unable to prevent the aftermath. She stresses that other people's opinions do not reflect her own. She got instigated and swayed by the biases of some people (who were not her friends) when she had gotten mad. She finally ends with an apology for being too terrible and for simply wanting to gain attention. 

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  1. How much do you want to bet that Huace (his agency) paid the girlie to write that shit now that his dramas are about to come out?

    1. Yeah I want to know too.lolz this is such a joke...

    2. F. Y. I you seem not very updated about Hu Yi Tian. He already left his agency Huace last Feb.16.2019

    3. Girl, your imagination is impossible! How could Huace paid the girl to keep quite, since Hu Yi Tian left the agency already? If you know something that they paid the girl, then show some proof. Post the receipt documents here, not just share your opinion here. I believe the reason why she speak and clear his name, because she feels sorry already, she regret for what she had done. You know? I am expert in video editing and audio editing,and I must confirmed that the guy in the video and audio where Shen Yue was dissed, is not him. The voice is very different, and the appearance of the guy in the video is very different. There's a possibility that this girl was paid by rival agency, they hired someone that looks like Yi Tian for fake video and a Dubber for fake audio recording. You know? I'm updated about Hu Yi Tian and f. Y. I he already cleared this issue to his fans, he didn' t do it in media. Because he doesn't trust the media, they will just change his statement to continue ruining his image. He trusted his fans a lot. He said, he didn't know anything about the issue, that spread by that girl, he had nothing to do with it. He then silently filed the case to that girl.
      He was just framed by this girl and the rival agency of the other artist. In China many artist and agency who are jealous of Yi Tian's popularity and Personality, because he is a good person with good moral character. He never hide his true color in private and public. He work hard to support himself because he's an only son. He work hard to help his parents, to help his big charity in China, for nature, disaster, he also help the children in Mongolia, he gave them a better education. And he's the only actor in China that never ignore his fans, he love his fans so much, he always come to them and get their love letters, he also talk to his fans personally. If he is spotted in private or public places, like airport, his house, street etc. He stop and talk to them. Even if he wears mask to disguise, he still stop and face his fans who spot him. He's not like those other actors that ignore and avoid their fans. Yi Tian said, he will never tired returning all the love and care to his fans.
      So because of this, I don't really believe on Be Yebie's statement last year...

      You know girl, if you really believe the fake scandal issue.
      Then my question is WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE?

      You know what? Before you bash someone who are just a victim do some real investigation first, don't just rely in social media.

      No matter how many times you and your cobashers attack him, it still won't affect him. He got 11 million supporters.

      Now that the girl clear the issue, I hope you leave him alone!

      And girl please mark on your head that we are in modern year, with the help of social media and technologies, it's just so easy to create fake news of someone you don't like, you could brainwash the people's mind to bash and bully and stop supporting the person. This is the reason why it caused depression. For sure you didn't know and you never care, because for you bashing a celebrity is good!

      You know? I'm so happy that Hu Yi Tian never let depression attack him. He find ways to be happy always by working so hard and make himself stays strong.

      If your reply my comment go ahead, but don't expect I will read it.. Bye Miss basher..

    4. The scandal must have affected him more than we thought. But yeah it was on audio, he can't deny that. And like others have said rookies that are better at acting are everywhere.

    5. @1.c wow, we got a passionate and deranged fan over here. The audio tapes and cctv proves otherwise. His agency, whatever it now is, paid that opportunist to write that letter. No one with a brain will believe that shit. Only his dumb fans seem to do so. Also, his acting is bad and he's not that good looking.

    6. LOL The super extreme crazy fan knows him so well. She must be really close to him.
      To the point of saying he has great personality and moral standard, is she even at least his acquaintance? Many stupid fans are too crazy these days, they support their idol in anything. And if there is anything that is possible that their idol might have done, they would deny it without a flinch.

      It's natural anybody would find it hard to believe him when there are audio tapes and CCTV hello? If the fan is such an expert why didn't she go prove who the real voice person was? Comment 1 and 1a are only betting. The crazy fan takes things so seriously and call everyone here bashers.

    7. OK, honestly? I think HYT is very cute I mean VERY. And I thought his acting back in ALSB was just the perfect mix of *cold and awkward*. Loved it. However, it breaks my heart to say: Compared to this sudden "statement", I find the cctv and audio tapes more believable. I mean the walking guy looks like him and the audio sounds like him... How do fans still dismiss this as mere rumours?

  2. Too late to fix his reputation, the damage is already done.

  3. Well most artists probably dislike their fans and find some of their co-stars non-attractive.
    But they know how to keep quiet about it.
    He should learn from them.

  4. We heard the conversation on the mobile. And she did make a big scandal out of him. To deny it now will certainly be laughable for many. He was a guest in one of China's top Chinese New Year program in 2018. But by 2019, trances of him have disappeared. He has starred in a few drama but they are not being aired. So I would say damage are done...there are so many young, good looking , capable newbies every month, it is not easy to save his career...
    This young man, he really should have just control temptations.

    1. Capable for sure. He may have the looks but his acting is not really good.
      As far I know all his new Dramas are still in post-production. I think we will see a lot of him this year and probably he learned to act a bit better and from his mistakes. If you are douchebag at least don't let others make a video/audio from it...or learn proper behavior and stop being one.

    2. His acting is so... bland. I watched the drama and tried to understand his hype but I really couldn't see it. He should be crawling in Shen Yue's feet because she carried it. Also, Gao Zhiting, the second male lead, was thousand times better too and no wonder - he's the Beijing acting academy laureate whereas Hu Yi Tian used to be a cheap model for women's underwear company and man.. those pictures looked like straight from AV lmao

    3. @小妹, The female in the photo does look very plastic. Her chin, eyes, fillers, lips have works done on them. Hu Yi Tian has very unique taste in women.
      I love Gao Zhiting in the drama. His action is really natural and he has screen presence. So talent for his age. Hope we will see more of him.

  5. Good for him. Some might think the girl was paid but the general public probably will just forget about the scandal sooner or later.
    His popularity was definitely affected but it has more to do with how he has no projects after A Love So Beautiful.
    Will still watch his dramas if I like the genre. But his upcoming dramas don't sound too enticing except for Unrequited Love.