The Legend Of White Snake (2019)

legend of white snake
The Legend Of White Snake 新白娘子传奇 is a popular Chinese folk tale that has been adapted for film and TV numerous times.  The newest remake of this timeless classic has 36 episodes. 

It stars Alan Yu Menglong (Eternal Love) as Xu Xian, former SNH48 member Ju Jingyi (Legend of Yun Xi) as Bai Suzhen, Shane Xiao Yan (The Legends) as Xiao Qing and Pei Zitian (Sweet Combat) as Fa Hai. 

New Legend of White Snake cdrama Ju Jingyi
The 2019 version tells the love story of a doctor named Xu Xian and the ancient snake spirit Bai Suzhen.  She mistakenly assumes that Xu Xian is a conman pretending to be a doctor.  In order to expose Xu Xian as a fraud, Bai Suzhen challenges him to a contest of skill in the medical arts.  Through the course of the contest, Bai Suzhen discovers that their patient is afflicted with the venom of the green snake spirit, Xiao Qing.  After the incident is resolved, Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing become like sisters. 

New Legend of White Snake cdrama Alan Yu Menglong

New Legend of White Snake cdrama
Fa Hai is sent to the city to investigate reports of missing children.  Af first, he thinks Bai Suzhen and Xiao Qing are the ones responsible but becomes their ally later on as they join forces to fight many villains. However, Fa Hai has a premonition of a flood in Jinshan and grows increasingly suspicious of Bai Suzhen. 

Maggie Chen and Cecilia Yip, both of whom were in the 1992 version of Legend Of White Snake, also make a guest appearance. With the veteran cast onboard, it truly feels like an ode to past. Alan Yu and Ju Jingyi are so beautiful in every picture especially Ju Jingyi who is positively ethereal as the white snake. 

Release Date: March 27, 2019 iQIYI (POSTPONED)

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The Legend of White Snake Alan Yu Menglong

The Legend of White Snake Ju Jingyi

The Legend of White Snake couple

New Legend of White Snake cdrama
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