More artists join Li Bingbing and Zhao Liying under Hesong Agency

Hesong Agency artists
Hesong Media Group established back in 2009 with Li Bingbing's younger sister Li Xue as the chairman and Li Bingbing herself as the face and central figure of the company has recently opened its doors to a partnership with Zhao Liying in all of her future projects. 

Hesong Agency artists

Apart from having the two A-list actresses at the helm, the company seems to be growing its artists agency as it subsequently introduced new artists that include Cheney Chen Xuedong (Rush to the Dead Summer), Geng Le (Give Me A Chick At 18), Zhang Huiwen (Nirvana in Fire 2) and Jia Qing (Song For Our Love). Since leaving He Li Chen Guang Group in 2014, Cheney Chen has operated independently through his personal studio until the end of 2018 while Jia Qing has been a part of Huace Media.  

With Zhao Liying's new career path, many are curious about rising star Jin Han who rose to fame acting alongside her in Our Glamorous Time and has just started filming the Chinese remake of I Hear Your Voice. His weibo profile changing from Zhao Liying Studio actor to simply actor back when their drama was still airing last year did not go unnoticed, and it seems the two have really gone their separate ways. 

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  1. Why did liying suddenly move to other agency ? Is it because she was left by her manager ? But she could just recruit another manager right ? Or is it because she wants to move to movies more seriously ? And look for a better PR team ?

    1. She has her own studio. This is just a managung team. And she was not left by her manager, she decided not to renew with him.

  2. I think the rumors that Jin Han wasnt really under her agency but with her manager are true. I remember back when ZLY started filming OGT her fans were mad bc the drama seemed like an extra just to promote Jin Han, who they suspected was signed under her manager. However, then he put that on weibo and fans were appeased. Only to take it off right before the drama aired.
    Now her ex manager is only managing Jin Han.

  3. Gosh why they trying to attack Jin Han alone? When anybody, (seriously anybody) be it men or women, it doesn't matter if they play important roles or just the extra roles. If they starr with her then they will always get to promote themselves. She's not well known for picking good projects, nobody wanted to work with her because the storyline is good, they only need to ride off her fame.

  4. Hi there! Just noticed that Zhao Liying's tag is missing from the "Sorted By Actor" section from the right. Would it be possible to add her name? I like to check her articles out :)