Love Me If You Dare stars Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma reunite in new movie

love me if you dare sandra ma wallace huo
Even if it's been a few years, Love Me If You Dare continues to be remembered as a unique crime drama that paved the way for some amazing chemistry between Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma. To fans delight, the two are reunited in Somewhere Winter 大约在冬季, which has dropped a poster to introduce Sandra Ma, Chyi Chin, Wang Weiming and Rao Xueman

something winter movie
Wallace's involvement in the movie hasn't been formally announced but netizens with a keen eye swear that it's him at the center right. He has also been spotted at the filming location with Sandra Ma. 

The two star in a story based on a novel by Rao Xueman who writes a touching story inspired by the 1987 classic hit single by Chyi Chin. Two storylines take place when a daughter returns to China in 2018 and the mother leaves Beijing in 1991. Vicky Chen Wenqi and Wei Daxun are also reportedly in the cast. 

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  1. Oh, if it's true that Wallace is in here then I am excited to see the two together onscreen again. I really liked Love Me If You Dare, but I'm not too sure about the storyline for this new movie as it does not sound like my forte. Hmm. lol

  2. Oh my god!! I loved these two!!! I hope they are a couple again in this movie!