Li Xiaolu adds another win to several defamation cases

Li Xiaolu
On March 21, Beijing Court published the results to a defamation lawsuit that was one of many filed by actress Li Xiaolu since she was caught in the center of a cheating scandal early last year. 

The verdict reached on November 20, 2018 indicates that Li Xiaolu has won the case against a certain Mr. Zhu. Mr. Zhu was proven guilty of publishing several articles and videos about Li Xiaolu that turned out to be false. For slandering her name and referring to her as 'Wan Ren Shui' translates to someone who slept with ten thousand people and many other names, Mr. Zhu has been ordered by the court to publicly apologize to Li Xiaolu for 7 days and pay a penalty of 50,000 yuan. Back in September, Li Xiaolu has already successfully won 5 other defamation lawsuits and is known to have more cases filed against other individuals.  

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  1. I can no longer look at her face without thinking about her affair...

  2. But she did had an affair right?!! 😁