Goodbye My Princess Writer Talks About Peng Xiaoran, Chen Xingxu And Writing The Script

goodbye my princess cdrama peng xiaoran
Goodbye My Princess 东宫 probably has one of the most tragic premises ever but despite the heartbreak, it has become a hit with audiences. Ke Yitong, one of the 6 scriptwriters for the drama talks about the script writing and casting process during a recent interview. 

Ke Yitong reveals that the script was revised numerous times during discussions with director Li Muge, whom she describes as a candid man with a girl's heart.  She also says that the most revised part of the script was when Prince Li Chengyi decided to start a rebellion, mentioning that they had to change the scene 10 times as Li Muge was very particular about it.  

goodbye my princess cdrama chen xingxu
With a budget of 200 million yuan, producers chose a determined Chen Xingxu to play the male lead, believing he was perfect for the role.  Ke Yitong admits that she was surprised at first that someone like Chen Xingxu was casted as the lead since she didn't think Chen was handsome enough to play Li Chengyi despite having seen his portrayal of Yang Kang in the 2017 version of The Legend Of The Condor Heroes

Ke Yitong changed her mind after Chen Xingxu did a script reading because she realized that he was really handsome and that Chen was able to portray the darkness, the brooding and the innocence of Li Chengyi very well.  

goodbye my princess cdrama
Ke Yitong also mentions that Peng Xiaoran wasn't the first choice to play the lead. The director initially wanted an actress who was more popular. With the drama's budget constraints, they had to settle for Peng Xiaoran who Ke praised as being very beautiful. With the success of the drama, it seems that going with the two relatively new faces worked out for the best. 

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  1. dropped this right after the rebellion, the actors and outfits are gorgeous but cant stand the plot

  2. I loved the first few episodes but got really bored once they reached the palace. I don't know what happens to her teacher but I liked him the best. Perhaps I'll continue and just ff thru some scenes. I don't care if it has a tragic ending.

  3. I dropped after the first few seconds, jumping into the sea of forgetfulness. Big turn offs.

  4. I'm glad the production company decided to settle down with new faces. CXX and PXR did an amazing job portraying their characters. If you want a well know and popular artist, it will cost more money than going with someone who is less well know. I hope to see more of cxx and pxr future projects. Despite of their age gap, both of them look great together and the sizzling chemistry PXR look so beautiful in red. She reminds me of Meng Zi from ROCH.

  5. The two leads did very good job. Those who stop watching maybe dont understand the plot of eastern palace.

  6. I love the story so much. First i read the synopsis, and then i read the novel. Now i'm still waiting for eng sub till end. LoL And i'll marathon from ep 1. They such a cute couple and great for their role.

  7. I can see why the scriptwriter think CXX isn't handsome at first because in his prev drama remake of LOCH,his visual look weird with the styling. Also, maybe because his real life visual look so-so and isn't really outstanding compared to him in period styling in GMP. I find Li Chengyin so attractive but not so much with the real life CXX. He looks bit greasy and his personality isn't my type. PXR on the other hand is really a goddess though both in drama and in real life!!! She'll definitely rise more after this.

  8. I don't know why but I was slightly offended when they were talking about casting the leads. Peng Xiao Ran may not be a big name but she's a great actress. Directors should at least give people a chance instead of just being so judgmental.

    1. Thank God for the budget constraints XD

  9. Chen Xing Xu and Peng Xiaoran are perfect for their role! I love them. When I saw this on first on YT I said "let me see" but when I saw CXX and PX and their first meeting, I WAS HOOKED. I love them though
    I was heartbroken when they said when they said it has a SE but I am still here. Watching. Raw then subbed.
    Will support them in their future projects. God bless.

  10. I love this drama series especially Chen Xing Xu and Peng Xiaoran with great chemistry since at the beginning of the story until end.

    I will support them both for their future projects and would love to see them again working together.