G.E.M. May Have To Change Stage Name? Her Former Label Asks Public To Stop Speculating

G.E.M. Gloria Tang

Gloria Tang also known as the pop idol G.E.M., has recently parted ways with her record label, Hummingbird Music and fans are worried about the future of her career since it was revealed that her stage name has been copyrighted by Hummingbird Music back in 2015.  This would mean that Gloria Tang Deng Ziqi (邓紫棋) may have to start her career from scratch using a different name. Her real name is Deng Shiying (邓诗颖).

G.E.M. Gloria Tang

Zhang Dan, one of the founders of Hummingbird Music, has explained that the main reason why they had G.E.M.'s stage name copyrighted back then was to prevent piracy.  Now that Gloria Tang has decided to leave Hummingbird Music, Zhang says that they would need to consult a lawyer before deciding on a course of action.  He also hopes that people wouldn't speculate too much about this as they're still trying to come up with a way to deal with the situation.  

G.E.M. Gloria Tang

As for Gloria's side, a spokesperson has simply said that a lawyer has been assigned to make sure that Gloria Tang will receive all the basic rights that she deserves.  

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