Elvis Tsui's unusual acting style for Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2003 comes into focus

Elvis Tsui Heaven Sword Dragon Saber 2003
Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber (HSDS) led by Joseph Zeng, Yukee Chen and Bambi Zhu ended up being the first of the Jin Yong drama remakes to make a comeback this year. It's a show that tips its hats to its predecessors with Wakin Chau's A Life Of Fighting Is But A Dream from the 1994 version as its opening song and Kathy Chow passing off the mantle of Zhou Zhiruo to play Miejue Shitai instead. 

The 2003 version of HSDS has been gaining attention for various reasons and even trended the other day as one of the top 10 dramas online. Among the hot topics is veteran actor Elvis Tsui who played the Golden Haired Lion King aka Jin Mao Shi Wang (金毛狮王).

Elvis Tsui Royal Tramp

Elvis Tsui Royal Tramp Stephen Chow
He might not have been acting in the past few years but is often remembered for his iconic roles. He was Oboi in the 1992 Hong Kong film Royal Tramp and and Panther in the 1994 movie Hail the Judge which both starred Stephen Chow. He was also the cult villain in Chinese Paladin starring Hu Ge, Crystal Liu and Ady An.  

Chinese Paladin Elvis Tsui
Chinese Paladin Elvis Tsui
In the 2003 version of Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, his character Xie Xun is marooned on an island with a young Zhang Wuji and his parents. For over 10 episodes, he had to play a blind character. Fans are now noticing that he never used contacts or any fancy special effects but merely rolled his eyes backwards the entire time. 

Elvis Tsui responds to the attention by sharing his experience, "Because I was rolling my eyes backwards to play the Golden Haired Lion King Xie Xun, I got hit with a sword in the face since I couldn't see the person I was filming with." That must have been really hard to do!

Elvis Tsui Heaven Sword Dragon Saber 2003

Elvis Tsui Heaven Sword Dragon Saber 2003 Alec Su

Elvis Tsui Heaven Sword Dragon Saber 2003

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  1. I really enjoy watching his acting. HE never fails to deliver. I still rewatch his old dramas...