Dilireba, Lei Jiayin and Yue Yunpeng join Go Fighting! amidst casting change

Dilraba Lei Jiayin Yue Yunpeng Go Fighting! Season 5
Go Fighting! 极限挑战 has announced its cast lineup for season 5 which include series regulars Huang Lei, Show Lo, Lay Zhang Yixing and Wang Xun and new members Dilraba Dilmurat, Yue Yunpeng and Lei Jiayin. Veteran actors Huang Bo and Sun Honglei will not be returning due to other work arrangements. 

Ever since it first premiered on Dragon TV in 2015, the reality show has gone on to become a household name. If Keep Running were about family, Go Fighting! was about brotherhood. Even when season 4 was airing, it was difficult to get all boys together at once so this outcome although unfortunate is not as surprising. 

Go Fighting
Poster of Go Fighting! cast from previous season

There must be something in the water for Keep Running and Go Fighting to both undergo major changes in the same year, so it looks like viewers will have a lot of adjusting to do. Furthermore, director Yan Ming who once said that he doesn't see the point of doing the show if not all six guys are present is also leaving. He passes the reigns to director Shi Jianing
If it's any consolation, both Huang Bo and Sun Honglei have named Lei Jiayin and Dilraba as their replacements and promise to check on them.  


  1. Dilireba? Don't get me wrong but like this is different of Keep Running, and a female cast is not really fit in my opinion also I can already see how she will be given privileges for being the "girl" in the team...not liking it.

  2. Not the same without HB and SHL. And it’s about brotherhood. The heck is Dilreba in here for. It seems like she accepts any jobs. smh

  3. I love Dilraba so much! I will miss Huang Bo and Sun HongLei so much though! They were hilarious.

  4. Don't like to have girls join this kind of program. Not like Dilraba, not going to watch this season. Better go back to see the last seasons 1 to 3. Feel disappointed on this casting.

  5. Girls like Dilraba not fitted to this type of Brotherhood program. Strongly missed the original 6 actors to film "Go Fighting", very warmth! Hope the Director to reconsider, not to cast girls for the new season of "Go Fighting".

  6. You guys haven't watched the new season and you are already saying it's bad? you don't know how brave dilireba is compared to the other actors and you are judging the whole season just because dilireba is a girl. not all girls are weak and dilireba is one of the strongest girl I know.