Destiny's Love (2019)

destiny's love chinese romance drama
For those who love fantasy romance, Destiny's Love 爱上北斗星男友 follows the story of a human girl who falls in love with a supernatural being. It stars Xu Lu (Nice To Meet You), Zhang Mingen (Tientsin Mystic), Ming Ren Yankai (The Lost Swordship),  Wu Xin (Drawing Sword 3) and Chi Jia.  The series is 36 episodes long.  

destiny's love romance drama Zhang Mingen
Heavenly guardian Chi Yu (Zhang Mingen) loses an important artefact that balances the power of the universe.  In his effort to retrieve it, he winds up on Earth and falls in love with Ji Wan.  In an attempt to save her, Chi Yu modifies Ji Wan's destiny but in the process, shortens her lifespan to 30 years every time she is reincarnated.

Chi Yu is imprisoned in the Big Dipper for three thousand years for his actions.  Once free, he attempts to make everything right and returns to Earth to search for her reincarnation. He gets hit by film producer Wen Suxi's (Xu Lu) car and they immediately get on each other's wrong side. 

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Part of the reason why Destiny's Love will be a treat to watch is because Zhang Mingen and Xu Lu are rumored to be dating in real life (unfortunately, there were breakup rumors too). Either way, it will be interesting to see their chemistry onscreen. The story of fated love has proven to be a hit with fantasy buffs. Moonshine and Valentine had a similar concept that was very well done. Even if it sounds a bit too similar, I think Xu Lu and Zhang Mingen look great together and wouldn't mind a do over with these two as the romantic leads.  

Release Date:  March 13, 2019 iQIYI (two episodes every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at 8pm), VIP can watch 6 episodes in advance

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Destiny's love cdrama

Destiny's love cdrama

Destiny's love cdrama

destiny's love cdrama

destiny's love cdrama

destiny's love cdrama

destiny's love cdrama
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destiny's love
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  1. I hope it had better ending than moonshine and Valentine.