Darren Wang Steers Clear of Seungri's Scandal After Photos Resurface

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With the recent scandal that involved former Big Bang member Seungri, Jung Joon Young and many other big names, the Korean entertainment industry has been put under intense scrutiny with the effects more far-reaching that you'd think.  

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In what seems to be a witch hunt, Darren Wang, Chen Bolin, Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan were dragged into the scandal due to reports and photos of them visiting the notorious Burning Sun club last January. The four are known to be good friends in the industry. Darren Wang can also be seen taking photos with Seungri and Jung Joon Young which got the rumor mill turning because of their acquaintance with each other. 

darren wang seungri jung joon young
Darren Wang's studio has been quick to issue a statement that Darren has nothing to do with the incident Seungri is involved in and strongly condemns the crimes that happened. They also ask that the public should stop spreading false rumors and that they will take legal action against those who continue to do so.

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  1. Seungri is a parasite who got his way in using his Big Bang member status and he took all these pictures from clubs with big celebs all over East and Southeast Asia just to inflate his ego and get some importance in his life and validation through that. Too bad greed and hunger consumed him to the point of turning him into an inhumane monster. I’m sure most sensible celebs, who don’t live for validation or are attention seekers, they interacted with him as minimally as possible and are now gladly washing their hands off now that the scandal blew up.

  2. Well birds of a feather flock together and they found a lot of pictures of them hanging out at parties, etc. I doubt they were not doing some shady stuff, but I don't think it was as bad as what Seungri and JJY were doing.

  3. Surely they knew about all of this at least

  4. Visiting Burning Sun and even got picture with both trashes Seungri and Jung joonyoung it's hard to not think he's not related at all. Kai Ko has been jailed for drug charge previously. so I will not be surprised if Darren, Chen Bolton etca are related in some ways. Taiwanese celebs are a lot shadier than you thought because they're more opened and unrestrained.

  5. Not Chen Bolin!!!!! oof, I saw one drama of his with Ariel Lin. Witch Hunt by association, I suppose. But, I wonder how much the Chinese Artists would have known given the language barrier and that the market is so different. They were all probably just trying to take each others name recognition from the different countries and so they took pictures together to get their names out. I don't know much about the other Chinese artists, but Chen Bolin, I would have think if he was that awful, then there would have been other Chinese/Taiwanese women who would have come out by now since he has been in the industry for so long. I will definitely keep my eyes and ears open if it involves the Chinese/HongKong/Taiwan artists....I honestly am surprised that I have not heard of the connection between Hong Kong entertainment and the Korea scandal as Hong Kong Entertainment was well known for their harrassment of young actresses.... I mean, you have that one actress, Yammie who went crazy due to what happened to her and she was one of the prettiest starts from Hong Kong. I hope all those sleazeballs that are involved in the scandal get their time in prison.

  6. Obviously he will say no if there isn't concrete evidence.
    Didn't Junhyung, Choi Jonghoon and Lee Jonghyun deny being related when news first break out and threatened to sue?
    Now all three of them take their words back as evidence were released.

    Will see if Darren is truly innocent or not.
    Oh, and Li Yifeng is also rumored to have engaged Seungri's services.

    1. About Li Yi Feng are all slander.

    2. Cruel? Nah you are being too naive or are simply putting on fans' goggles.
      He has previously committed other criminal acts like violating traffic laws as well, and also recently clarified out-of-the-blue "adultery rumors" with Yang Mi as a distraction to his prostitution scandal. He's no good man for sure.

  7. Allegations like this could ruinLi Yi Feng's life. Don't be so cruel.

  8. Mandatemi una foto di Li Yi Feng in quella discoteca e ci crederò. Per l'incidente è già stato punito, oppure pensate di essere migliori dei rappresentanti della legge? Non sono una sempliciotta, ma essendo più vecchia di te, ho visto purtroppo, molte ingiustizie causate da malelingue, inoltre, abbi coraggio di presentarti col tuo vero nome, non come anonimo.