Chen Bolin speaks up about Seungri, stresses they are ordinary friends and nothing else

Chen Bolin Seungri Friends
As Seungri's scandal continues to gain worldwide attention, longtime friends Chen Bolin, Kai Ko, Jaycee Chan along with Darren Wang found their names suddenly being linked to Seungri after photos of them allegedly partying at Burning Sun in January circulated in the media more than a week ago. Darren Wang studio immediately issued a statement to deny any involvement in the scandal whilst Chen Bolin has kept silent on the issue.

However, he wrote an Instagram post shortly afterwards that read, "Embrace kindness. Forgive ignorance. A beautiful world with irresponsible comments." Many assumed it was his response to the issue. 

At a recent fashion event in Hong Kong, Chen Bolin finally addressed the issue for the first time. He explains that his Instagram post was not a response to the incident. When asked about his relationship with Seungri, he says, "You know, it's hard to say. I'm really not very clear on matters related to him, we are just ordinary friends."

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