Zhao Liying trends after reports that she has given birth, her staff deny the news

I think anyone following c-ent can agree that it's been a week of shooting down all sorts of rumors. The one that takes the cake for most ridiculous may be the rumor that Elaine Zhong hit Angelababy, which has obviously proven to be untrue. However, there is one that could have actually held water when it first broke out. After Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng made their pregnancy announcement on New Year's Day, insiders claimed that Zhao Liying was due to give birth in March at the same hospital where her good friend Xie Na delivered twins, even the doctor and nurses are said to be referred by Xie Na.  

Early morning on Feb 26, weibo broke out with the news that Zhao Liying has given birth to a baby boy and that she's staying at a VIP room that costs approximately 1.5k USD per night. While the paps may be shady, I can't deny that they're often spot on when it comes to these things so I almost believed it. However, Zhao Liying's staff has already denied the reports, so it's best to just wait for the official announcement directly from the couple. 


  1. To be honest at this point whatever news that comes from Zhao Liying or Feng Shaofeng are true for me. All those rumors of Zhao Liying from before were all proven to be true in the end so I don't think it is an exception this time

    1. I agree with you. Either stay silent or be truthful about the rumors - like Nicky Wu & Liu Shi Shi.

  2. I personally feel how ZLY and FSF handled the denial of their relationship/pregnancy is wrong move. They should just be honest instead of lying. Both are mature adults who are single. There was really no need to lie about it for so long. Now the public no longer believe them. But it is their decision to lie about it. Saying that as a fan, I am happy for them being together.

  3. Feng Shaofeng didnt deny anything. This whole time he has always been quiet.

  4. either way it's good news right?

  5. Matters not anymore whether she had denied indrectly or just delayed in giving us her good news, the papz and media have taken away her thunder then and now so if she or they have decide not to say anything anymore i don't blame them and besides, not likely we'll be seeing their baby atall so y make a big issue?