Zhao Liying Opens Up For The First Time About Life After Marriage

Zhao Liying talks married life
Ever since Zanilia Zhao Liying has taken a break from showbiz, she has experienced two wonderful life changing events as she got married to Feng Shaofeng last October and announced her pregnancy this January.

Watching their drama together
Zhao Liying tells all in a recent interview about her life away from the spotlight.  When she's alone, she rarely watches the shows she's in. But it's a different story when Feng Shaofeng is around, she shares that he follows The Story Of Minglan on his phone and is eager to show it to her. I think that's both funny and sweet having your husband pester you like that. 

Zhao Liying talks married life
Building a home
Zhao Liying spends most of her time at home.  When she wanted to buy stuff, she would order pieces of furniture or other small items online.  Inside her house, one would see a pink rose on the table and a Totoro toy on the bookshelf.  Feng Shaofeng was apparently the one who chose the wallpaper for their house.  It is worth noting that the couple displays prints of original works by Hayao Miyazaki.  It looks like somebody is fan of Mr. Miyazaki.  

For Zhao Liying, she always had to work away from home because of filming and neglected what it means to have a home. Now, she'll think of adding things to her home to make it into their own. Her home is her place of peace, where she belongs and where she is happy.  

Feng Shaofeng
Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng have been in the same productions many times before, but it wasn't until their last two projects Monkey King 3 and The Story of Minglan that they were paired as a couple. In real life, she fondly refers to Feng Shaofeng as her "Man child"  and she has become used to being cared for by him.  He is a gentle person, very giving towards her and caring. He would bring home her favorite dish and cook it for her.  She says, "I think the noodles he cooks are the best in the world."  Aww.... How sweet is that?  

Zhao Liying talks married life
There was a time when she would take Feng Shaofeng's arm and go to the park.  They would enjoy themselves and she would pick nine photos out of dozens that Feng Shaofeng took during their time together.  She later recalls, "At the time, the sky was clear and golden yellow leaves of autumn were very beautiful.  You can see the person you love behind you when you turn around.  This is the happiness of life."  

Tying the knot at the peak of career
Asked about the struggles she would face by having children at the peak of her career, Zhao Liying simply says, "Fortunately, I've learned to deal with it. Now that I've entered a new chapter in my life, I will do my best to overcome any challenge."  

Minglan Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng
As a couple
According to Zhao Liying, "Uncle (Feng Shaofeng) and I complement each other in our personality and other aspects. He is gentle, responsible and really knows how to live life. It's this trait of his that has moved me. We are both very passionate towards life and towards family, so we will learn from each other as we walk forward together." I'm happy for her having such a wonderful life right now.  Things are going well for her and I hope this is only the start of her never-ending real life Minglan love story. 

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  1. I am so glad she is finally saying these things! I really like it! Before this, the feeling was like why is she giving us (audience) such a cold shoulder when she's a star, we watch her dramas of course we're curious about her life...why is she treating people like this? Her opening up like this makes everything feels warm now, she should try not to hide things anymore.

    1. I don't believe she was hiding anything about her life from the public. We have no reasons to be digging into her private life. She's an actress, and we are only supposed to dig into her work onscreen and not offscreen. We can be curious about a celebrity's life but no celebrity is obligated to share their personal life with us or the public. As the general public, we are only meant to criticize/compliment their work onscreen and what's seen/said in public only, not private.

    2. 1a...I think Celebrities should have a private life, but they knew what they were getting into when they chose the profession. With everything going on and the dark secrets that came out of hollywood and other countries about the dirty dealings of the Entertainment Industry, I disagree that the artist should only be judged by their works. I can never watch a Park Shi Hoo drama again after his,allegations, or Bill Cosby, he ruined that show for me after knowing what he did. I can never watch that one french Director's movies who allegedly raped a minor in the U.S. He can't even cone to the U.S. to accept his Oscar as he would be sent to jail if he ever set foot in America again.

    3. Yeah that's very true Anon 1.b
      Edison Chen is another example, people hate him enough to despise his acting skills but before the scandal he was a decent actor, people were so crazy everything over him.
      Until they find out how nasty his attitude is, otherwise they would never say his works are bad if pretend he were to be a nice guy.

      I think ZLY has always been like because she's the figure of a backgroundless person who made it to be a star. Her acting is very average but people love watching her so they would say her acting is very good.

      Celebrities don't have to spill out their whole lives like what they do every minutes in their life...but after all they have this connection with their audience, especially those who have faithful fans. If they want to keep quiet about something they can, but I don't think they should be lying about something they knew they'll have to admit publicly later.

  2. I'm glad that she's content with her life and where currently is right now. We're not entitled to know anything about her private life, so I am thankful that she opened up a bit about her life to us. Wishing her and her little family the best.

  3. she's good in acting. very average acting you say? i don't see any other actresses who can pull off every characters she play in a drama. She works hard in every drama shes in and without body double she do her own stunts even breaking her back from falling. If she is average in acting do you think she will get any awards from all her drama?