Xu Kai Participates in Script Reading for Sheng Tang Gong Lue

xu kai yanxi gonglue
It looks like Xu Kai, who played Fucha Fuheng in Story Of Yanxi Palace, is the first confirmed cast member of Yu Zheng's latest production, Sheng Tang Gong Lue 盛唐攻略. It's not yet clear what role he plays, but the sister production of Yanxi Palace will focus more on the lives of people outside of the imperial court during the Tang Dynasty.  

xu kai sheng tang gong lue
Yu Zheng recently shared a photo saying, "All the members attended the first script reading."  We can see Xu Kai on the rightmost staring down intently at the script. 

Yu Zheng has recently set an ultimatum when it comes to script reading. He said that in the future, the main cast of his dramas should be present and participate in the script reading. Those who don't attend would be seen as disrespecting the drama and are just waiting to replaced.  However, Yu Zheng clarified that what he said wasn't meant to single out or refer to anyone. Given Yu Zheng's stance, we can assume that the main cast is in the photo too.

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  1. Yuzheng is playing his stance of copying successful drama and genre again! He is even using Sheng 盛 word in the title. Don't tell me he is going to copy main story line up to 80% of "Story of Minglan" with more freedom and equal opportunity for female lead by setting the story in Tang Dynasty. Gosh! I'm really sick of his antics and why he still hasn't been kicked out from Chinese dramaland for his plagiarisms!!!

  2. I hope Xu Kai has been attending acting classes and polishing his craft while taking on new projects. His ability to emote is hilariously and painfully zlich.