Stakes are raised as the villains align before The Story of Minglan finale

Story of Minglan cdrama Feng Shaofeng Zhao Liying
We only have a few days left until The Story of Minglan finale. I know it's not everybody's cup of tea but I want to vouch for how enjoyable it has been for me and how much I've gotten hooked to the story, yes, even the pacing and the slice of life feeling that it gives. There have been small triumphs and big ones like the recent takedown of Auntie Kang.

Little gestures like Er Shu coming back to Minglan when she needed him the most were understated but meaningful. Most importantly, Minglan finally gave birth to a baby boy in spite of the odds stacked against her.

Story of Minglan cdrama baby
While that's good and all, these utterly satisfying moments feel like a precursory calm before the storm. With so few episodes and so many villains left, I'm scared for the main couple and mad to see Manniang in the preview! How is she back and causing trouble? Wasn't she supposed to be locked away for good?

Story of Minglan cdrama Zhao Liying

Story of Minglan cdrama Feng Shaofeng

Story of Minglan cdrama Zhu Yilong
Minglan and Gu Tingye are strong as a couple and Qi Heng seems to be coming around, but the bad guys still outnumber the good guys by far and it's a scary lineup to beat with Zhu Manniang, Empress Dowager, evil stepmom Xiao Qinshi, Grandma Wang and Sheng Molan forming an alliance. I'm on the fence about the emperor for now. 

I imagine that things are only going to get more intense once the baddies spring into action. Who said this stuff wasn't exciting, I'm at the edge of my seat. 

Story of Minglan cdrama Li Yixiao

Story of Minglan cdrama

Story of Minglan cdrama
Is he evil, is he good?

Story of Minglan cdrama Wang Yinan

Story of Minglan cdrama

Story of Minglan cdrama Kira Shi Shi


  1. Agree with u AnneJ, the adrenalin in me is boosted now, my only hope with only a few more days of episodes left to 'clear' his name i hope it's not rushed..i love this drama so much that i look forward to its raw episodes everyday with understanding only basic kindergarten mandarin..i will be so sad when this ends its run.

  2. Man Niang resembles ZLY too much, can't get off the possibility that GTY likes ML because she sort of looks like his ex.

    1. they dont even look alike ...

    2. SERIOUSLY? I don't see it

    3. No way! GTY is never such a man, flippant yes superficial no. His love for ML goes beyond that, its admiration, respect, empathy and empowerment

  3. What the heck. How can she be alike. So much difference in both of em .

  4. I don't want it to end! I cried with joy and relief everytime Er Shu comes to the rescue as we know Minglan is no weak damsel but every girl wishes for a hero no? My heart aches for Qi Heng when he left silently when he saw Ting Ye came back to save Ming Lan. You are always late! I think there is a conspiracy between GTY and Emperor to bring down the Great Dowager once and for all.