Monster Killer cast begin filming for season 3

Monster Killer 3 booting ceremony
Elvis Han and Sebrina Chen Yao are reuniting for the third time for a new season of Monster Killer 无心法师 produced by Tangren Media. Familiar faces from previous seasons attended the booting ceremony held in Hengdian World Studios. Considering that the story is about an undying man who fights monsters, I bet they can carry the same concept for years to come though a part of me remains fiercely loyal of the original. I never quite enjoyed season 2 in the same way and yes, I do miss Gina Jin

Monster Killer 3 booting ceremony Elvis Han
Nevertheless, there's no question that Elvis Han is born to play Wu Xin, so seeing him returning to play the character in the past four years is a nostalgic callback. This time, the story moves away from the Republican era and into the Tang Dynasty.

Chen Yao has been a formidable match since playing Yue Qiluo. She's been changing shapes in the drama to become Xiao Dingmao in season 2, and I'm curious to see what season 3 has in store for the versatile actress. As it takes place even further into the past, it will explore another layer of relationship between the two. It'll be interesting to see everyone in Tang dynasty costume. Her hair though, it's slightly worrisome. 

Monster Killer 3 booting ceremony Sebrina Chen Yao

Monster Killer 3 filming ceremony

Monster Killer 3 filming ceremony

Monster Killer 3 poster
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  1. Yay! But I'm with you missing Gina Jin! I can't find either 1 or 2 anywhere to watch.

  2. Important question: is our beloved Commander Gu part of the season 3?

  3. How come they are going back to the past? Season 2 is in the 30s - 40s, right?

    1. I guess Wuxin lived tons of lives throughout the centuries so it’s not chronologically based, they’re just jumping around.

  4. I really loved the first season of Wu Xin The Monster Killer. It also has a nostalgic place in my heart - it was my first ever Chinese drama/series, and what spurred me to start finally learning the Chinese language.

    I can't wait for it to come back. And I too, miss Gina Jin so much.

  5. Season 1 was really great. Season 2 is really disappointing.. The plot is almost slapstick and the 'romance' between Wu Xin and the little girl was sooo awkward.

  6. I didn’t realize season 2 did well enough to have a season 3. I hope season 3 will be more like the first season, chenyao and Elvis are great actors. And I think her hair’s cute lol!