Kevin Cheng aka Scarlet Heart's 8th prince a new dad at 49?

Kevin Cheng new dad
It certainly feels like all the pregnant celebrity moms are giving birth this month. Although the couple has yet to make it official, Hong Kong media has reported that Kevin Chen and Grace Chan welcomed their baby boy after the actress had a C-section in Hong Kong. Kevin Cheng was spotted leaving the hospital in high spirits.

He didn't confirm nor deny the reports as he simply thanked everyone for their concerns and said that they'll make an announcement when they have news.

Kevin Cheng Grace Chang 2018 wedding
Kevin and Grace tied the knot in Bali in August 2018 amidst rumors of a shotgun wedding. They announced Grace's pregnancy in November of the same year. Shotgun or not, it's a joyous occasion for the new parents. 

It's interesting that the cast of Scarlet Heart seem to be undergoing life changing events around the same time. First was Yuan Hong who played 13th prince announcing on V-day that he's become a dad. Now, it's Kevin Cheng who played 8th prince becoming a dad at age 49. Cecilia Liu Shishi and Nicky Wu who played Ruoxi and 4th prince are also expecting

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  1. It was a shotgun wedding. And I guess people are talking about it more cause Grace was so adamant about not being pregnant & was always preaching about abstinence before marriage so a lot of her fans are disappointed.

    1. She claimed to be Christian, so she’s quite a hypocrite. Nothing new

  2. Congrats to the baby. They looks so happy. Not sure whey there are so many negative comments on Kevin and Grace having a baby. Does it matter, at least they are married before the baby was born and both took responsibility. As long as they love and are happy with each other, it does not matter when they got married. How odd and negative netizens are. I am not their fans per se, but I don't see anything wrong with them having a baby. This site and Jaynestars have so many negative comments on Kevin and Grace's baby.