Jaywalk Studio's new crop of child stars were in these popular dramas

Jaywalk Studio child stars
Jaywalk Studio has formally introduced Zhang Mingcan, Qu Zhihan and Huangyang Tiantian as their new artists. The next generation of actresses are really getting younger and younger at only 6, 14 and 11 years old, though they do seem to fit the visuals that the studio is known for. Young as they may be, these child stars already have growing resumes as each of them have played little Dilireba in many of her dramas. 

Jaywalk Studio child stars Zhang Mingcan
Zhang Mingcan young dilireba Liehuo Ruge The Flame's Daughter
Zhang Mingcan played young Dilireba in The Flame's DaughterShe will also gender swap to play Bai Qian and Yehua's son A Li in Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book

Jaywalk Studio child stars Qu Zhihan
Qu Zhihan young dilireba pretty li hui zhen
Qu Zhihan also played young Dilireba in Pretty Li Hui ZhenShe was also in Meet In Youth, Love in Foods

Jaywalk Studio child stars Huangyang Tiantian
The most experienced of the three, Huangyang Tiantian has memorable roles as young Dilireba and young Zhao Liying. She was in The King's Woman, Princess Agents, Nirvana in Fire 2 and Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

young dilireba Huangyang Tiantian The King's Woman

huangyang tiantian young zhao liying princess agents
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  1. They have a bright future ahead of them! What am I doing with my life right now T.T